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Itzali, the Shadows that Melt the Flesh (First Circle Demon)

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  • Itzali, the Shadows that Melt the Flesh (First Circle Demon)

    Itzali, the Shadows that Melt the Flesh

    These demons are swarms of beetles created by Aluvea. They love the taste of meat drenched in fear, so they’ll form ominous shadows, chasing their prey until the target’s heart bursts or they fall and the Itzali can jump them easily.

    Under examination, one of these beetles looks like a 2 to 4 inch long sculpture of an unusual beetle made from matte black metal with red markings on their wings and belly. Few get close enough to see that however. Normally the swarm looks like a distorted mass of shadows, red eyes gleaming out of the darkness, coming closer and closer...

    Essence: 2; Willpower: 6; Join Battle: 6 dice
    Personal Motes: 70
    Health Levels: −0x5/−1x3/−2x2/−4/Incap.

    Actions: Demon Lore: 6 dice; Flying maneuvers: 8 dice; Instill Fear: 10 dice, Inspire other emotions: 3 dice; Resist Poison/Illness: 8 dice; Senses: 10 dice (and see Blindsight); Tracking: 11 dice (and see Smell of Fear)

    Appearance 5 (Hideous), Resolve 3, Guile 2

    Attack (Bite): 10 dice (Damage 12)

    Combat Movement: 8
    Evasion 5, Parry 0
    Soak/Hardness: 8/0


    Blindsight - Itzali are blind, but their senses of hearing and smell are powerful enough to make up the difference. They have no blind side and get double 8s on senses rolls. If an opponent negates either sound or smell, they lose this bonus against the target. If both, then they’re effectively blind.

    Made of Thousands - For each smashed beetle in the swarm, ten more appear in its place. Reduce the minimum damage of any withering attack made against it by one, to a minimum of zero.

    Unity of the Hive Mind - Add an automatic success to the swarm’s bite attack, all combat movement actions, and Senses rolls to detect ambushes.

    Shadowy Terror: Anyone who looks upon the Swarm is treated as having a Minor Tie of fear towards it for purposes of social influence rolls.

    Rare - Most books on demonology mention little about these demons, knowing little more than their names. An Intelligence (or Wits, if you’re currently running from one)+Occult roll will tell you the following:

    1 success: They’re shadowy hunters that seem omnipresent, always waiting for you. They cannot be injured.
    3 successes: They’re creatures of living shadow and stay away from the light.
    5 successes: They’re a swarm of beetles that feed on fear.


    Offensive Charms

    Principle of Motion (10m, 1wp; Reflexive; Instant; Essence 2): The swarm moves with blinding speed, taking a flurry without the usual restrictions—it can flurry two of the same action if desired, and it ignores the usual penalties to dice pools and Defense.

    Fear of Shadows (5m; Reflexive; Instant; Essence 2, Dual): The Swarm gains a bonus on their attack roll equivalent to the rating of their target’s Intimacy of Fear towards the Itzali.

    Engulfing Swarm (10m, 1w; Simple; Instant; Essence 2; Decisive): Requires the Itzali to have at least 15 initiative. The Swarm engulfs their target, rending this decisive attack unblockable. If the target has a Defining Intimacy of Fear towards the Itzali, they become frozen in terror, rendering the attack undodgeable as well.

    Defensive Charms

    Shadow Dispersal (5m, 3i; Reflexive; Instant; Essence 2): For a moment, the Itzali seems to disintegrate into shifting shadows, flowing away like ink through water, adding +2 Evasion against an attack. A successful dodge allows the swarm to reflexively activate Terrifying Shadow Revelation, if it wishes.

    Social Charms

    Terrifying Shadow Revelation (10m; Simple; Instant; Essence 2): The Itzali puts on a terrifying display, demonstrating its ability to be anywhere and nowhere. This is treated as an Instill action to increase the Intimacy of Fear towards the creature in a target. This action explicitly doesn’t require any further evidence or other intimacies in the target to increase the rating of the Fear.

    Miscellaneous Charms

    Scent of Fear (7m; Reflexive; Instant; Essence 2): When searching for someone with an intimacy of Fear towards an Itzali, add the rating of the intimacy to tracking and rolls to oppose stealth as bonus successes on the roll. If the intimacy is defining, they also gain double 7s on this roll and cannot be dissuaded save by charms that banish scent or sound.
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    Looks neat!


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      Cool! "Scent of fear" look like a good candidate for the eclipse tag in my opinion.


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        I get this reference, I like it.


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          Originally posted by Bladewind View Post
          I get this reference, I like it.
          What reference?


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            Originally posted by Accelerator View Post

            What reference?

            “Nobody is purely good or purely evil. Most of us are in-between. There are moths that explore the day and butterflies that play at night.”
            - Suzy Kassem, Rise Up and Salute The Sun


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              Ah. The Mummy.


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                I thought the Vashta Nerada from the Doctor Who episode Silence in the Library.


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                  I like it but i would change that automatic fear tie to a free intimidation/instill fear roll on first sight/round, there are some people who just don't get scared. I'd also change the Fear of Shadows charm to inclued a fear of darkness or shadows.