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The Artifact 2 Thread. Some Questions and Ideas.

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    Originally posted by Isator Levi View Post

    Oh. Missed that.

    Vainglory is doing its own thing. The idea of Artifacts that can be attuned by just anybody strikes me as having the potential to vastly transform the setting, which puts it under First Age Artifice. The assumption that it can just be added as a basic thing seems in error to me.

    The alternative is regular Artifacts used in combination with powerful sorcery to transform people in a manner that will include becoming able to attune.

    There's already a bunch of level 2 artifacts that already don't need attunement IIRC, They're all pretty minor I do think First Age Artifice would probably be required for artifacts that were more powerful.


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      Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
      The base cleanliness power of the Collar of Dawn's Cleansing Light just happens, no attunement required. Similarly, the Lotus Blossom Cup, Stoneheart Coffer, and Winterbreath Jar don't require attunement or motes at all. And the Ultimately Useful Tube only needs essence to magically produce the darts, not anything else it does.

      As such, I think the bathtub is totally workable. Though I agree that the orbs are probably better replaced by the hearthstones that cover heating and cooling (the Gem of Endless Summer and the Orb of Cool Breezes, respectively), I will say that I could imagine a First Age exalt building a Winterbreath Room or using geomancy to make a manse that was always at a nice temperature.

      Ah you beat me to it.


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        Duly noted. I appreciate everyone insights on it. Thanks again !