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Exalted and the origins of power

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    Originally posted by Simon Darkstep View Post
    the Celestials have the ability to adventure in (and take the fight to) hells and wylds outside Creation, and to shake things up within Creation.
    They're gonna live for thousands of years; they don't need to be running at a hundred percent all the time, and there's plenty of room for them to ultimately settle into a lot of the mundane, day-to-day administrative stuff that nobody would actually play games in.

    I mean, sure, many Exalted don't actually live to their fullest age, but I'd argue that the ones who only ever responded to Gaia telling them to slow down with "fuck you" and then kicking her in the face with their energy legs are the ones who only ever live to a couple of centuries, at best.

    Hell, I've argued that the likes of Havesh the Vanisher are the sorts that would have intermittent adventures largely for the sake of creating and safeguarding lives of luxury and ease.

    Originally posted by Simon Darkstep
    In that context, I wouldn't automatically say that any grouping of castes or types would have been able to hold the First Age without the others.
    It's not about maintaining the First Age, it's about why the Second Age is such a trainwreck. The answer is multi-faceted, since there are contributions from several others (the Lunars feature prominently) in there as well. But the Dragon Blooded feature prominently, and I find something compelling in focusing the lens on the manner in which they're brought up, and thus live their lives.

    A lot of this was inspired from my reading of a Tweet in which somebody made the case that the difference between villains in fiction and real life is that the former consists of people with a severe trauma that shaped them, and the worst of the latter are people that have never known suffering. There are nuances to it in real life, and elements of Exalted that might complicate its implementation, but I at least find it to be a strong way to consider the basis of the Dragon Blooded contribution to the Time of Tumult, and why they're uniquely positioned among the Exalted to create such circumstances.

    Originally posted by Simon Darkstep
    What would you do with answers to the fall of the First Age, or about changing dynamics of pure lineage and population?
    I don't really understand the question.

    I have approximate knowledge of many things.
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