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  • framed Creation map

    Hi, it's been a while between posts, mainly been lurking but I wanted to share this latest acquisition.

    I got the 3rd ed Creation map printed out at A1 size (that's 23.4 x 33.1 in for you Americans) and then had it professionally framed and it came out miiiiiint as hell. I recently got a new study built for the house and this is going to be pride of place!

    3e Scavenger Lands map
    3e Combat tracker card
    2e Nexus map

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    My God!

    It’s beautiful...

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post
      My God!

      It’s beautiful...
      It's EXACTLY this that I want to do with my own E3 map. So a frame that's 23.4 x 33.1 inches, huh? I just measured my own E3 map that I got with my Deluxe Edition and that measurement matches up with mine. I sooooo wanna frame my map too; I gotta figure that out.
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        That is fantastic.

        Craft rewrite.
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          If other people want to do this, they recently put the map up for sale as a pdf or PoD poster on Drivethrurpg.