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What kinds of plants would you expect to find in the Eatern Forests?

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    Hungry vines, that pierce the flesh of tree and animal alike, some so large that they can wrap around a tree and crush a man and not know it. Living flocks of leaves and seedcopters, looking for a moist crevasse for the seed and leaves to plant themselves, if a creature happens to be living there then his blood and viscera will feed the seedlings. Fungus rings and creepers that crawl through the skulls of anything that happens to fall upon it when running through a spoor plume. A vast wall of beautiful and hypnotically scented flowers that lure all creature that catch their scent during the daylight hours, only to be eaten by the large Droseraceae.

    Craft rewrite.
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      to build off Maudova's fungus stuff, there is a movie on netflix that has a fungus that will infect anything it comes into contact with and convert it into a fungus based version of it's type of life form, I wish I could remember it's name, I know it was set in Ireland