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What Would Make a Good Exalted Novel?

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  • What Would Make a Good Exalted Novel?

    With the first exalted novel(la?) coming out this week, I thought I'd ask around to see what the forum would like in a novel? How close would you like it to stick to the rules of the setting/game? For example I know a guy who wrote for Black Library who actually rollled out every fight scene first before writing it into the book. On the flip side having somebody be a twin Lunar Solar hybrid who turns out to be a full on demon later might be too far. In my own games I bend the rules sometimes for a good story.

    Also would you like it to be something accessible to all people? Like with no prior knowledge of the setting required? Or maybe have it so the book explains setting knowledge for the reader to pick up, kind of as a setting primer? Or just say fuck it 99% of the people going out of their way to read an exalted novel are going to be pretty big fans and just assume your reader knows basically every major piece in the setting and it's history?

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    It's necessary to point out that Black Library went through a lot of crap to get to its current standard. We need more examples of what a good Exalted story is before Onyx Path can hire freelance authors and turn them loose upon Exalted projects with only a general outline but I think to get to that stage we're going to have to get a lot more of what we saw in the Anthology.

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