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Question about the Fair Folk book

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  • Question about the Fair Folk book

    The Fair Folk in Exalted seem conceptually similar to a group I'd like to introduce into my WOD chronicle but I have no familiarity with Exalted. Does anyone have an idea of how much flavor and mechanical guidance one could reasonable get from the Fair Folk book without being familiar with Exalted as a whole? Is it a litany of capital words that mean something special in the Exalted system or is there a fair chance I'd be able to pick up some things and modify them to fit in WOD?

    The DTRPG preview wasn't quite long enough for me to figure that out. Thanks!

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    Forums are kinda borked right now, and you might have multiple posts, or might never see my answer, but I'm going to try.

    So first disclaimer is that either edition's books weren't even that helpful even if you were familiar with Exalted, so temper everything else with that. They also presented a set of mechanics that were mostly separate from the main game line, where they almost had their own mini-game they played when they were alone in the Wyld. I read them, and reread them, probably went crazy, and then feel in love with what they could be.

    The fluff is fairly similar in both books from what I recall, although First Edition was heavily edited by Jenna Moran, so evocative and whimsical, and second edition is that same material over-reiterated. I don't have the First Ed book handy so I can review it's mechanical implementation, but the in 2nd, the base rules about how Glamour, Fantasy's, Fae Bodies, locale movement, and passage of time in the Wyld is good fodder and a good jumping off point. There's also an extensive Errata, practically bordering on a second version of that book, that's free, although flipping between books is a pain.

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      I think a lot of specifics would be mechanically tied, but there might be some worthwhile fluff and concepts to mine there.

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        Which edition of the Fair Folk book are you looking at?

        Can you tell us more about your WoD chronicle? We might be able to point you at more useful resources? I know Changeling has lots of Fae related books.



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          Not sure mechanically but in terms of lore in Exalted: the Fair Folk and Graceful Wicked Masques, the Fair Folk could operate fairly independently from the rest of the Exalted setting.

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