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Circle of Protection errata

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  • Circle of Protection errata

    lease list your errata for EX3's Circle of Protection novel here.

    Please address only typos, layout glitches, misplaced elements, and similar errors. If it's merely a matter where you'd have phrased something differently, that's not errata, and should go in a different thread.

    Please confine comments to posting errata. Discussion should also go elsewhere.

    Thank you.

    Ian A. A. Watson
    Onyx Path Community Manager
    Trinity Continuum Content Lead

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    Don't post in this thread if you aren't posting errata. This isn't a Q & A thread. Darksider
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      Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
      Where do we get the book?
      Check your Kickstarter/email. Message went out about 15 minutes ago.

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        So at first I thought this was going to be the Novia novel, and then I realized it wasn't, so I skimmed the last update to see where that one was at and don't see any information on it? What's going on with that one?


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          Folks- this is an errata thread. Errata only, please, and take questions and thoughts about the book to other threads. Thanks!


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            Typo on page 1, Xiao is referred to as he.

            Alternatively every other instance of she is the typo. One of the two.


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              Palym is referred to as "Burning Path" on page 49, "Keahi ignored him to answer Burning Path’s question."

              Speculatively, if a find-and-replace was used on an earlier draft to change her name from "Blazing Path," as it was in the short story in Tales From The Age of Sorrows, to "Palym," "Burning Path" would've been missed.


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                The 'Cover Art' credit on page 2 doesn't actually list anyone.