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    Originally posted by Ludek View Post
    Well not all demons know martial arts or sorcery same may go with rather specyfic aplications of lore and occult and ability to teach humans. Summoning generic demon would not do you need summon specyfic demon even if it's first circle so it would require time and research to find right demonic person.
    Also teaching itselsf is part of problem, you need to find demon with ability to teach humans and posesing knowledge and skill set you want learn.

    I do not think there are demons build with teaching in mind as demons seems to be creation certian tool set. Teaching and growth of abilities look to me as conected with more acomplished demons citizens?
    .... wrong place?


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      Originally posted by Lioness View Post
      Honestly, of all the variables you could deal with as a abolitionist Rabszolga worries me the least.
      He's some nasty for the typically combat focused PCs to wipe the floor with, I'm way more concerned about the racketeering attempts from enemies who aren't geared for satisfying final encounters and may just get replaced by the next asshole on the totem pole.
      Yes, Rabszolga as a representation for slavery changes the tone towards pulp action. It's like if the "there's no such thing as global warming" side of the debate was replaced by an evil black cloud monster voiced by Tim Curry singing Toxic Love.