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New Chronicle starting up - finally - and thanks on Thanksgiving!

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  • New Chronicle starting up - finally - and thanks on Thanksgiving!

    So, my home table is finally caught up and put our last open campaign to a satisfying conclusion.

    We're getting a new Chronicle going - The Storm This Way Comes. It's a ton of work getting all the details together so we can hit the ground running, and we're sorting out characters and setting through the US holidays, but it's a lot of fun already.

    We'll be using Momentum Exalted, which I've posted in an ancient version. And the setting is changed up to what I'm calling Aeon Exalted, which is far from ready to post.

    I've been gathering up a bunch of ideas on these forums and they've already taken many prominent places in the writing and prep. It's also Thanksgiving today in the USA. So, I wanted to take the opportunity to send thanks to y'all - for the ideas and the fun chat.

    Y'all stay awesome!

    Check out Momentum Exalted!

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    Wow very ambitious!

    I wanna start up again. . Been like a year hiatus and half the folks moved...

    It is a time for great deeds!