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    That's pretty interesting. You could do a lot with it. Very much for the sort of planar-exploration game.

    My characters:
    Dr Soma Vaidya, viper-totem Lunar and kung-fu doctor
    Brother Alazar, Zenith occultist and last survivor of the Black Monastery of Leng
    Shadow of Kings, Twilight barbarian scholar, master of lost First Age crafting techniques. Has a lot of clones. Picture by Jen.


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      Magical artifacts do not break. Do not wear down. Do not need maintenance. Anything made from the first age? Still there, buried in the sands. The problem is, is that everything's been picked clean, destroyed, or just plain lost.

      The Balorian Crusade wiped out 90% of Creation. And the Great Contagion killed another 90%. There are thousands and tens of thousands of artifacts, floating in the deep wyld, that would make people rich if it was not for the fact that trying to get them would leave you very dead. Same for the Great Contagion. No one truly left artifacts lying around. They would keep them in banks, storehouses, or strong boxes. When the contagion came and slew them all, no one was left who remembered the passwords, or were there to give the keys. There are entire vaults and shogunate-aged strongboxes, where generations of treasure hunters and merchant princes have tried to break in, and failed. Grand riches, still stored in warehouses, shining on their racks, where their descendants vainly try to break in, and failing because their ancestor died and didn't give them the pass key.


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        Originally posted by The Wizard of Oz View Post
        That's pretty interesting. You could do a lot with it. Very much for the sort of planar-exploration game.
        A lot of that is part of my motivation here!

        Also, since there is no single heavenly order, all the moral choices rest on the human characters. If you've decided that leading a hundred thousand troops into battle is worth expecting thousands of casualties, then that weight is on you. The passions and efforts and sacrifices of the humans involved form the Aeons, and eventually the Aeons fall, even if the passions and powers at the root of them don't dim.

        I'm pretty excited!

        Check out Momentum Exalted!