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I've Started an Exalted Game, Help! Part 3 - Mechanics

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  • I've Started an Exalted Game, Help! Part 3 - Mechanics

    Today we discuss the bane of not only most Storytellers but also Gamemasters: Mechanics. I go in-depth about the significance of the mechanics of Exalted Third Edition, making sense out of them for a beginner while also trying to give some easy rule-of-thumb metrics of how to handle the mechanics of the Storyteller system, including how to assign difficulties and how hard they're be, how to judge how long combat will be, and a small breakdown of the social influence system.

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    Hey, just wanna say I gave this a listen and I really enjoyed listening to you talk.

    I think you rush into and out of your jokes a little, but if you gave them the same pacing treatment as the rest of the recording I reckon they’d go down even better.

    I think your advice is solid and it’s nice to hear others advocating for keeping most of the difficulties at the 1-5 scale.

    I look forwards to more and intend to go back and give the others a listen too.

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