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Anyone Know when the DB Book(s) will Be Out?

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  • Anyone Know when the DB Book(s) will Be Out?

    The kickstarter said: For the deluxe hardcover edition, it is expected to be delivered to all backers who have correctly confirmed their shipping address by December 2019.

    Is that still true?

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    If I recall correctly, the December 2019 was a very pessimistic deadline, simply because they don't want to get burned the same way they were with the Core.
    However, specifically regarding the Deluxe, I would expect it to take longer than the regular books.


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      At the moment, the PDF's been in proofing for a month, so it won't be too far off.

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        The kickstarter FAQ estimates the PDF delivery for feb 2019, which, to my totally clueless eyes, seems to be in line with the current progress of the project


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          Yeah, I agree.

          There's been no official announcement, but I'm expecting the full pdf in early 2019. I imagine the the deluxe hardcover would be less than 9 months after that, but I imagine they want to be sure.

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