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The EIGHTH Annual Exalted White Elephant

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    Hi all- Last day to sign up for this year’s White Elephant!


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      I'd like to sign up. I can write and numbers.

      I'm a big fan of forbidden lore, old or new, and especially interested by Realm/Immaculate experiments, that behind-closed-doors captured Anathema stuff.


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        Was gonna give this a skip this year as I’ll be travelling but I’ll have access to net and writing stuff so. Yeah sure. I’ll throw my hat in.

        As for what I’d appreciate... umm...

        Louis Laville was a doctor living in Capstone and Darkheart; while his family was wealthy and he was due a noble title, he had rejected that life when a vicious plague ripped through the city and killed his parents and left his younger sister an invalid.

        He later Exalted as a twilight - i’d like to hear a story about how that happened.
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          I need a (another) project, so I'm in!

          What I Like: I am only recently getting into Exalted, so I am something of a novice when it comes to the deeper lore of the setting, but I already have a number of character and npc ideas. I like seeing my ideas interpreted and extrapolated by artists, so drawings, painting and illustrations are always excellent.

          What I Can Do: Some writing (typically short flavor sections), some game design (still learning how to design for Exalted), and some art ( probably best at characters).

          Curios, Relics, and Tomes - A collection of Relics (Cursed and Otherwise)
          The Horror Lab - A collection of Beasts, Monsters and less definable things.
          Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
          Twilight Menagerie - A collection of Ephemeral Entities


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            I'll join in (keeping in mind that I'm not an artist).

            Got to be 100% clear this time... I would like a write-up for a fallen Great House. Go for one that hasn't been given a name yet, and write it from the perspective of when it was still alive; that is to say, set earlier in the timeline than RY 768*. It can be at whatever stage takes the fancy of the writer: brand new, in its heyday, on the verge of falling, whichever. It doesn't need to be as detailed as the write-ups in What Fire Has Wrought, but preferably would have the structure; it doesn't need to have more detailed territories than its headquarters, or personages than its founder, but those ones are kind of essential.

            * Unless one has a really nifty idea for where it could fit in an alternative landscape for the Time of Tumult.

            I have approximate knowledge of many things.
            Write up as I play Xenoblade Chronicles.


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              I didn´t write my entry last year, and I am really sorry for that. I was in a terrible time, and didn´t do something that I should This year, I am in a better moment of my life, and will try to do my best.

              If I am allowed to participate, I would like something related to Martial Arts. A cool mentor, a new Style, an interesting idea for a Dojo, whatever. If Martial Arts are not your thing, something that I may use in my Western campaign could be cool. An island, some aquatic monster or volcano god, a map (maps are cool. How am I suppossed to do pirate stuff without maps?), some nautical spell, the crew of deadly Lintha pirate... Whatever!

              I can´t draw. I am unable to draw anything more complex than a "slightly round circle" and even then it will be an horrible, horrible circle. And I´m not good with fiction, specially in English, which isn´t my first language. But I think I can handle the mechanics, and can have some interesting ideas for lore, so I can make these things. Locations, NPCs, spells, artifacts or monsters I can handle. Just don´t ask me to draw them!


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                I'm in.

                I'll take character art greedily enough, particularly of either of the DBs I have closest to the top of the queue, but the real prize would be someone willing to take the sketchy notes I have of their signature artifacts and turn them into something usable. (...Now I just need to find those notes...)

                I can produce setting material or fiction.

                Edit: OK, so. Found one of them:

                [12:06 AM] Me: Concept wise, I'm thinking that it's got themes of dueling, afterimages, and lightning.
                [12:09 AM] Other Player: I think DB stealth has some afterimage charms you could look at for that
                [12:10 AM] Me: I'll take a look.
                [12:10 AM] Me: I'd originally been mentally-speculating on doing something with flurry mechanics, but that might well be more promising.
                [12:11 AM] Me: (In the 'wielder does one thing, afterimage does another - with both effects happening')
                [12:12 AM] Other Player: that could still work. afterimages is a fairly broad idea
                [12:12 AM] Me: Yeah.
                [12:12 AM] Me: Penultimate or capstone is the only charm I have a solid image for.
                [12:13 AM] Me: Which is drawing a dueling circle in curtains of lightning, isolating the wielder and a particular target.
                [12:13 AM] Me: Crossing the ring in either direction, BZAAP
                [12:14 AM] Other Player: nice. the idea of lightning as punishment for going outside the conduct of the dual could be something you carry through the whole tree
                [12:15 AM] Me: Yes, yes it would.

                This PC is deliberately inspired by my enjoyment of Burroughs John Carter stories, so the physical sword itself, the blue jade reaper daiklave Winter Lightning, is more of a saber type blade than is usual in the setting. He also owns that Creation's version of Summer Thunder, so I was thinking in terms of thematic contrast, there.

                I haven't been able to find anything for what I'd be doing with my other DB. It's possible I'm misremembering and I never even got to the stage of formal ideas for her. She's a Fire Aspect from a very prominent family in House Cathak, with all the attendant pressure towards military excellence that implies, but her own inclinations are, in increasing order, towards administration, socialite stuff, and dance. I picture her artifact being a set of very beefy Stompy Battle Boots to go with otherwise light armor, and acrobatic, kick focused fighting like those twirly upside-down Capoeira kicks.
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                Iä! Iä! Moe fthagn!


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                  I'm in.

                  What I like: gods, elementals, starmetal artifacts, demesnes, manses, and character art

                  What I can do: QCs (not very good at demons though), artifacts, demesnes, manses, thaumaturgy, charms, setting material
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                    I'll join in

                    What I like: Character-focused stories such as little bits about how people actually live their lives in a magical world, or writeups of some of the more bizarre aspects of Creation

                    What I can do: Mechanics of all sorts, especially Evocation Trees. I am also good at Weird Magic fiction


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                      I'm in~

                      What I like: Character art, spirits (particularly demons), artifacts, Charms, QCs.

                      What I can do: Mechanical stuff. Artifacts, QCs (Demons, particularly), Charms, weirder stuff.


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                        SIGNUPS ARE NOW CLOSED. I will be assigning recipients shortly, keep an eye on your inbox!


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                          Alright! Recipients have been assigned and sent out by PM. Let me know if you didn't receive one!

                          If you have any questions for your recipient, you can contact them at your discretion. Or, if you prefer to keep yourself anonymous to your recipient, I'll be happy to act as a middleman for communication.

                          Remember, ideally gifts will be done on or around Christmas, but the deadline is Sunday January 6th. If something comes up and you won't be able to meet that deadline, please let me and/or your recipient know!


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                            I decided I'd get a bit of a jump on things.




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                              My gift to BrilliantRain.


                              I have approximate knowledge of many things.
                              Write up as I play Xenoblade Chronicles.


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                                Re: White Elephant

                                This is for autXautY, who requested an Initiation. Hopefully this turned out well, since its my first time designing with Exalted.

                                The Essence Weavers Craft

                                Curios, Relics, and Tomes - A collection of Relics (Cursed and Otherwise)
                                The Horror Lab - A collection of Beasts, Monsters and less definable things.
                                Strange Places - A collection of Dark, Mysterious, and Wondrous Locations
                                Twilight Menagerie - A collection of Ephemeral Entities