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    I added more to mine. It has something which expands a bit on what is going in and around Ocean’s Gift, while still being unreliable enough that you can ignore pretty much everything if you want.



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      A little disappointed that it's been four weeks since the deadline


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        Originally posted by AtG View Post
        A little disappointed that it's been four weeks since the deadline
        What would you like? I can try and make you something.


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          Since AtG didn't get anything:

          The Emerald Skein (Wood Demesne 4)
          The outer boundaries of the Emerald Skein are clearly delineated, as regular forest is rapidly overtaken by tangled thorny vegetation, and no snow settles on the boughs of its trees. The Essence-patterns of the Emerald Skein lead the plant life here to grow into maze-like formations, and even harmless plants sprout lethal thorns under its verdant guidance. The master of the demesne may consciously decide the paths it forms with an Intelligence+Craft(Architecture) roll with an interval of one day, though the result must always take the form of a treacherous maze of thorns.
          The Emerald Skein is currently attuned to Verdant Shrike, a lesser wood-dragon who wishes to earn the admiration of Mainyu. She skewers trophies from her hunts on the thorns of the Emerald Skein, hoping to impress the goddess with her kills.
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            Did anyone else not get a gift?



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              Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
              Since AtG didn't get anything:
              Thanks for stepping up!

              Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
              Did anyone else not get a gift?
              ​SaintedPhysician, Elkovash, AtG, and I didn’t didn’t receive any gifts from their assigned gift-givers (unless their gift givers posted somewhere I didn’t see). As much as I’d hate to reduce participation, I’m likely to bar the delinquent gift givers from participating in next years White Elephant, unless I can think of something else to do to keep this from happening in the future.
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                I wouldn't mind making a few more things.


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                  For Noodle:

                  First Frost, Chosen of Endings

                  First Frost was born 120 years ago, and took her Second Breath after bringing an end to a dispute between the goddesses Parendi and Mainyu. Recently she went into the Underworld on a mission from Heaven, and there she found the ebon castle of All-Consuming Zyras. The obsidian giantess offered to teach First Frost the ways of necromancy, if only First Frost would reunite her with her stolen grand daiklave, Angst. First Frost has tracked Angst down to the Fortress of Crimson Ice, in the hands of one of the deathknights of the Lover Clad in Raiment of Tears. She seeks the assistance of a circle of Exalts to recover Zyras' blade, not just for a desire to learn necromancy, but also out of a desire for justice for the hekatonkhire.
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                    Noodle, I'm your gift-giver, and I apologize-I am a king of delays and haituses.

                    Know that I am indeed working on your gift! Know that it will be unconscionably late!

                    So I'm making God-Kicking Boot, an Exalted webcomic, now. Updates on Sundays. Full-color, mediocre but slowly improving art. It's a thing.

                    The absence of a monument can, in its own way, be something of a monument also.
                    -Roger Zelazny


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                      Originally posted by SaintedPhysician View Post
                      What I like: Character-focused stories such as little bits about how people actually live their lives in a magical world, or writeups of some of the more bizarre aspects of Creation
                      Here's an attempt at something for you:

                      Alakai rolled over in bed as sunlight crept in through his window, trying to hide from its rays.

                      "Alakai, it's time to get up." In her present state, his lover could not nudge him out of bed, but she was determined to not let him oversleep on the day of his big audition. Alakai made a big show of moaning and groaning, but smiled as he hauled himself out of his sheets. He would kiss Star of Gladness if he could; though they had spent the night in each other's embrace, he could not even see her by the light of day.

                      Star of Gladness' own home was far more lavish, with no windows to let in the treacherous sun, but she was always the one to come and visit him.
                      A familiar rattling came from the kitchen as the household skeleton brought him breakfast. He finished his morning ritual and wolfed down his food. He gave his thanks to an empty room, hoped that Star was still there to hear them, and departed for his audition. After all the strings she'd pulled to get him the audition, it was the least he could do.

                      A low fog covered the cobblestones outside, but it was no hindrance to the reanimated horse that pulled his carriage. The sun's power was weak in Onyx; it would not burn off the fog until it reached its zenith. The edifice of the theater loomed ominously as Alakai practiced his lines. If he could just get the part of Takahe, that would be his big break.


                      "You're a fine actor," the director said, clearly not meaning it, "but just not what we need for the part. We're going to give the part to Gallinule." Alakai, aghast, felt like one of the Black Judges had just found him wanting. "Gallinule has a good reputation. He was trained at Cliffhaven."

                      I was trained at Cliffhaven, too, Alakai thought bitterly. But Gallinule is dead. Some part of him knew this would happen. Even though no spectral magic was needed to play the part of Takahe, the director was almost certain to select one of Onyx's necrothespians.

                      "We'll keep you in mind for understudy," the director said, "but Gallinule is our first pick."


                      The sun had not yet sunk below the horizon, but Alakai could reunite with Star. She had bought a fresh body to inhabit from the Judgment House, wore a metal mask that bore her likeness. Her touch was like ice on his skin, but he embraced her gladly. "I love you," he whispered, almost a prayer.

                      "And I love you," she returned. "How did the audition go?"

                      "They gave it to Gallinule," Alakai said, hanging his head low.

                      "To Gallinule?" Star of Gladness was incredulous. She held him tightly, her vessel leaching the heat from his body. Alakai nodded, burying his face in her lifeless chest. "Well, I've got an idea for how I might cheer you up..."


                      Alakai was awakened by a knock at the door. He gently extricated himself from the embrace of his lover, stepped over the corpse that she had cast off like a dress at sundown, cinched shut his robe, and made his way to the door. He did not recognize the messenger at the door, but his uniform was from the Onyx theater.

                      "I have a message for Alakai," he said.

                      "This is he," answered the actor.

                      "Gallinule will not be able to attend opening night," he replied. "The part of Takahe is yours if you want it."

                      Alakai was speechless; this was his big chance!

                      "Director Turn Morning has requested that you make an appointment with the Black Judges as soon as possible. I look forward to seeing you opening night."
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                        I was the one that should have done something for AtG: I was doing a magical Deck with some divination and destiny-fixing powers, but kinda blocked, and was unable to complete it. After it, I started my tests, and was too ashamed to post because I didn´t have any good idea and was late anyway.

                        Sorry, AtG. I will try to do something after I end my tests, just because I am still ashamed, but will probably be unfashionably late.