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  • New game thread on r/Exalted! [2.5E]
    It is I, the infamous and maligned ChrisARose/Touch of Sepia! Ready again to launch into the slightly grimdark world of Exalted*.

    The prior two installments chewed through a cast of ~20 players, though only a handful endured through the full length of either run. Each leg ran in and around:

    The Silver Princes: August 2014 till around July 2016

    This story took place within the court of the Devil Princes, first mentioned in Masters of Jade. It explored the oddities of my own takes on Lathe, Golden Seal, and Locke. The realms of the Underworld and Malfeas were visited on occasion as deemed appropriate to PC need. These focused on my own take on the vast domain of the First and Forsaken Lion and a region of the Labyrinth for the Underworld. In terms of the daemon realm a Malfean shard/Szoreny pocket universe/ and the Malfean Tabernacle were visited. Over the course of the adventure PC's were killed and chased quite literally out of the game for particularly poor choices in character. Millions died to PC mismanagement of resources and the alien motivations that prevented them from unifying their efforts in any one direction. Ultimately, with a nudge from a PCs, Qaf committed assisted suicide to see new vistas withheld to him for so long (PC died too, suicide pact style), the Realm waged open war and discovered the long hidden realm of the Devil Princes, Locke was infiltrated and corrupted, a trial was held against a chosen of SWLiHN and near to twenty Infernals attended, and many other events besides.

    The Dragons Shattered: August 2016 to current (with one player)

    The second story opens with questions about the Skyfall. This was later discovered to be the Joten of Qaf falling from Hell to cut the dragonlines of Creation in twain. The East no sends sickened wood essence to the rest of Creation through withered veins and those in the know prepare for great famine and sickness to take hold. The PC's are unaware for the majority of the game and instead serve the leadership of Gem and foment a war with Paragon (that many wanted anyways). Before that could be accomplished, fallout from the Skyfall touched them even so far West as an ancient First Age experimental weapons manse reawoke and began to conduct it's mission unattended. It was found to be an answer to possible problems related to Wyldhand, but the Lunar elder that had once been part of the project did not stay long after taking the AI core. The manse soon melted down and much technology and lore was lost. This sorrow could not long be dwelled on, as a PC tipped off the Wyldhunt to the party and all soon had to flee their wroth. This led them to Chiaroscuro and ultimately trapped them in the machinations of Grandmother Bright. An ancient first age bank was discovered, raided, and it's wealth never used. The fallout of Grandmother Bright leaving the city was not investigated - as there was some rush to head East to the Nameless Lair (which is really rather akin to Versailles and MaHa rather the more French beggar-king romantic in my game). Countless other events transpired as well.

    Some things to get out of the way as well, since I am openly a lovable bastard - but also a bitter,demanding fellow.

    Players are actors first, they are not bound to be perfect circle mates and can fight over resources and npcs as they see fit, as dictated by their personal motivations/intimacies. Expect the game to pay mind to socio-political themes, the responses of kingdoms to the waves the Exalted make – even then, do not expect anything to stand still. This will be a living game that moves forward regardless of where the player spotlight is currently shining. The game is comparable to Elder Scrolls for its sandbox nature, but also Wheel of Time or Game of Thrones for the change of perspective as the players travel together and break into smaller groups to pursue their individual vendettas. Combat is not likely to be a major focus of this campaign – in that when dealing with such powerful beings as Exalted you go big or you go home. Sometimes you will receive bribes, sometimes employment, sometimes threats and sometimes armies could be mobilized to turn your eyes to less difficult regions. Do not expect to roll into powerful nations and pull them under your sway without long months of real time work – and even then, this will take excellent role play to achieve.

    This game expects invested players that are ready to write readily and often. Those who do not meet expectations will be informed in a kindly manner and if such behavior continues, a replacement will be sought. This is not for the faint of heart or the casual RPer. Please only seek to contact the group if you are interested in a story rich game focused on the lives of the characters. Thematically, this game will be close to Conan/"Sand and Sandals" or Hercules. Those proscribing to Gurren Lagann’esk themes and views of the setting at large will be removed.

    This game is planned to start up in roughly two months. Time enough for me to flesh out a few more regions in the Greater South and incorporate/vet player backstories. I'm a bastard. I require solid backstories of 800+ and give myself the right to offer critic and suggestion. I'll write up an opening blurb in coming days to wrap a backstory around, for now know that it will be in the South and centered around the resurgence of a pact of Lunars that have long held themselves apart from the Silver Pact but also Ahlat's "Great War" brewing in the Region. Expect to spend much time around the Dreaming Sea and Kamthahar. Lunars and Abyssals** are preferred - but I'm open to other concepts if they are similiarly solid. We would be using TAW for Lunars and starting EXP would be pretty high (like 350 or some shit, so you'd be established Exalts/gods/Raksha with strong backgrounds).

    If you have questions as I'm firming this up, please message me at christopher.a.rose on Skype. I'll create a big chatroom and people will drop in and out as we move through the process. I run a tight ship and I'm a hardass, but most say I run a good game. I invite them to comment if they wish.

    *The way I run it, obviously not in general.** You'll need to work with me on this. I have a lot of content that's different from normal and the Deathlord served would likely not be one you'd be familiar with. I also frown deeply upon "free" deathknights. The closest I've had is Dirge (from the Exalted Art Backers, guy with Violin) and he was really closer to a military contractor.

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    Updated with the post on the other site, for those who don't like to follow links.


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      Up to five players now:
      One Non-Pact Lunar Godhood Cult Leader
      One Librarian/Wizard Infernal
      Two Deathknights (One a pharaoh who's immortality started to fade rapidly mummy style, the other a devote of the whispers)
      One Fae merchant who seeks to insulate and empower himself within the weave of trade with the Guild

      One slot open for a Lunar player, using TAW.
      Tuesday 7:30-11:00/11:30 EST