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Sample Concept Nation: Khan-Toh

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  • Sample Concept Nation: Khan-Toh

    Far off in the South East exists the civilization Khan-Toh, a civilization untouched by any other nation. Isolated enough, but close enough to the wyld that the relationship between god and mortal has shifted to a symbiotic and, a tad subjective, for the gods of the area. At least that is how Yu-Shan would view if word of that society reached them.

    For you see, far from the touch of those who exalt, the mortals have come to a sense of self, and responsibility for maintaining creation, and in helping the gods achieve their potential. For whether it is the taint of the wyld that has shaped the minds of these terrestrial gods, or the lack of exalts among them, the residents of Khan-Toh have realized that when their gods are strong and great in number that likelihood of a successful fey intrusion fail.

    The difference between these mortals and the rest of creation is that they do not prostrate themselves before a particular god to feed their cult. Rather, the people of Khan-Toh cheer and spread the name of their gods as the gods participate in dueling tournaments, being coached on by a mortal priest who, oddly enough, has taken on a mentor role of the god in their care.

    It started in part centuries earlier when a Thaumaturgical savant realized that the gods do not need stationary temples for their sanctum. With peerless crafting and some fae-like inspiration he crafted a masterful orb that, when blessed with thaumaturgy, would serve as a ready sanctum for a homeless god. These mobile sanctums however come with a loss a freedom to the god who dwells in it, for the mortal holder of the mobile sanctum can force the god to either materialize from the sanctum, or force it to use it's hurry home charm. It was the creation of these mobile sanctums that the people of Khan-Toh began to travel and form partnerships with various gods.

    While it was all chaotic at the beginning, it has such become very organized. For each year dozens of young aspirants seeking to enter the tournaments and become defenders and champions of their city and nation approach one of their local thaumaturge priests to receive their first god to care for, and to develop their nature. Each young participant starts of with a least god whose mind and essence, through prayer and ritual, was woken to be a true god.

    And so it is that these godling coaches travel with their first godling and mobile sanctum, and in preparing other ready sanctums, travel between the towns and into the wilderness in search of the most diverse and strong gods to add to their rosters. And as these mortal and the gods in their care travel, they enter tournaments, they defend from brigands, and they spread word of their champions, growing their god's cult in an unexpected way. For each town and city has tournaments between locals and traveling coaches. The entire tournament becomes a scenelong prayer as all those who watch and cheer on the dueling gods are praying that gods success. And at the climax of each town's tournament, if the challenging roster of mortal and gods is successful, he faces off against that town's mayor and city gods. Gods aspected to that town's economy and surroundings. Whether it be the rock faced gods from the mining town known for its tin and copper mine, and manufacture of pewter, or of a seaport town known for its electrical storms.

    And so as the mortal coaches travel with their godling entourage, their training, and cult improve. And so the godlings grow. They grow from the individualistic care of their coach, but also in the tournament liturgies that spread the god's name. Of course a god could simply depart from its mortal, for they are far more powerful. But without the mortal for guidance, the godling champions recognize that their minds would fixate or focus on their domain, that they'd return back to the day to day litany of just doing their job of being just another part of creation and filing terrestrial reports.

    And so these godlings and their coaches compete, both in the local city tournaments, but also (by invitation via tournaments won) the national tournaments. Where the traveling mortal coach and his circle of gods compete for the glory and honor of their nation, facing off even against the 4 most prestigious teams of gods.

    And so through these tournaments their cult grows much like the face background. It helps in part, being so close to the wyld, that the stories of their triumphs, their losses, their growth and expansive capabilities, all create a sort of Fae like story that helps defend the nation against fairfolk incursion. For what Fey, having dealt with mortals in other parts of creation, expect to come across a nation of mortals both unafraid, and ready, to unleash their godling champions when faced with danger.

    Of course not all mortals can be warrior priests or coaches. Some research the various types of gods, and the powers they can exhibit. Others specialize in the ordination of manufacture of the mobile sanctums. And others catalog the gods. As of yet no mortal has been able to enlist every type of god into his retinue, but prophesy claims it will happen.

    In the meantime, mortals use their god champions in a variety of ways, whether as peace keepers, or just tending to flocks, serving with their priestly coaches is also itself an act of prayer for the god. For why show devotion in ritual two or three times a day when your very relationship and work with the god is a prayer to that god? And so the towns need no mortal soldier. For the gods fight their battles for them. They aren't just a step from society as other gods are. But they are a part of it as well.

    Again, who knows what how Yu-Shan will react when they discover gods subservient to their own priests. But it will not be a pleasant one.

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    Felt a bit on-the-Nosepass, to me.


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      Honestly I always thought of pokemon as a realm scion 'sport' - where you'd have to travel around Creation to capture strange and fantastic monsters, then go around the blessed isle and challenge random scions for the hell of it.

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