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Which "Virtue" triggers "Limit Break" when it comes to sexual assault? (Heavy Issue)

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    Limit Break is kind of character specific. Does your character have an Intimacy that would object to such? Does your character hold any kind of moral framework? Then witnessing such things will result in Limit and hitting Limit Break will do what it does. In Ex3 it's really very character specific.

    Incidentally I tend to include on characters a kind of Intimacy: cultural mores of their homeland, because that's a nice way of modelling that most people have at least some sort of culturally ingrained ethics and morality that they care about to a greater or lesser extent.

    The Signature Zenith doesn't need an Intimacy to cover every moral and ethical consideration she has, but might definitely have an Intimacy based on general social mores from her homeland. If you're a relatively moral individual from most places in Creation you'll probably object to seeing that, or at least react poorly. Not everywhere mind, and not everyone.