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[PEACH] Narodri, The Oily Reflections

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  • [PEACH] Narodri, The Oily Reflections

    This was a specie of First Circle demons which idea I had a year ago or so, and was inspired today to write them. Fluff only, will put stats once I have some more time and ideas, as I suck at balance.

    From far away, it´s easy to confuse one the narodri for a raven. Maybe a large or specially fat raven, but one nonetheless. But once you come closer, you start to notice the differences: black, oily blots form what pass for feathers, constantly secreting a sticky, creamy substance which dirties up wherever the narodri stands. Its wing cover a bloated, fat body, at least a first glance: as it raises them, you can see that the narodri is in fact not thicker than your average raven, but stuck to its chest, and almost invisible due to the dark plumage of the demon, there is a layer of translucent pearls, filled with strange, and beatiful liquids, which patterns eternally dances inside their cristalline prisons. They aren´t bigger than maybe a large grape, but as a narodri can sometime collect two or even three layers of these strange pearls, this contribute to their usual bloated aspect.

    Each one of these pearls is a memory, which the narodri has somehow acquired. They can steal memories, and of course violently pick the memory-pearls from another narodri, but they prefer to trade for them: most narodri think that a memory willingly granted is more splendid, delicious and delightful that one violently robbed. They like to collect these treasures, and enjoy them in their pleasure-nests, where they relive the memory, and taste it, and sometimes, even devour it. Most narodris don´t discriminate in the kind of memories they enjoy, but some obsessively search for specific themes, ranging from such broad things as "violent memories", to such narrow memories as "teenager boys having their first kiss on a Calibration festival".

    Narodris have some uses for other demons, and for sorcerers. As any memory they acquire is forgotten by the original owner, they are often used when someone knows something the sorcerer would like that she doesn´t. Sometimes, some demon or sorcerer wants to cleanse some memory of his mind, either because it is traumatic, or because it is confidential knowledge, that he wants to store in a safe place, but not in his mind, to better protect from mind-reading spirits and enemies. They are good information gatherers, and of course, maybe the customer or sorcerer just want to enjoy one specific memory, probably stolen from another person...

    There is a number of ways narodris´ memory-pearls can be used by non-narodris. Of course, they can relive the memory just by wishing it, just as it is stuck to their bodies, but other aren´t so lucky. Putting a pearl under your tongue lets you feel the general mood of the memory (so, you could feel anxiousness and anticipation and curiosity and a little lust from a groom´s night wedding memories, but nothing more), but nothing more, unless you sleep with the pearl on your mouth, in which you can relive the memory as a dream. Of course, making a tea, with the grinded dust of the pearl as an ingredient (it tastes like a very sugary, so sweet it hurts, candy) and certain Eastern roots allows you to have a trance with the same results, and you don´t have the risk of sleeping with a grape-sized sphere of glass inside your mouth. Mixing that same dust with cocaine and a litle bit of saffron and snorting it also lets you "enjoy" the memory... But make sure to know what you are snorting. The memory is usually amplified, and if it was violent, depressing or something similar, you could be having a really bad trip...

    Lastly, memory-pearls can fit inside most hearthstone sockets, and meditating while attuned to an artifact also puts you into a trance, reliving the memory inside the pearl. Some say this is the purest form of pearl using, as it doesn´t damage the pearl, but be careful selecting the artifact you are attuning the pearl too. In some moonsilver artifacts, the memory can feel strangely, but subtly, different each time you relive it, and you don´t want to be inside a violent dream which is attuned to a soulsteel daiklave...
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    I really like this! And it’s simple and easy to use even without stats. It gives some options to the memory and dream manipulation angle, as I recall there was some sort of demon jellyfish that at memories and could even make you a virgin again by eating certain experiences, but I think it’s an angle that would benefit from multiple demons. I will definitely use this demon when my game is next up and running. And for some reason I really like the idea of demon raven with pearls, seems very evocative and I can see something like that I’m the book art.

    This makes me wonder how flexible and specific summoning demons can be? Like can you narrow down summoning a Narodri with a specific type of memory or even a specific memory?

    But well done!

    It is a time for great deeds!


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      Originally posted by Eldagusto View Post

      This makes me wonder how flexible and specific summoning demons can be? Like can you narrow down summoning a Narodri with a specific type of memory or even a specific memory?

      That´s a question for the Devs thread, if I have ever seen one!

      Thanks you for your comments!


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        I really like this...

        totally gonna use this in my games.

        heck, memory pearls from the first age would treasured collectors relics - and military memory pearls would be a neat way to secretly transmit orders or intelligence from one place to another.

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