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Dragon-Blooded: What Fire Has Wrought errata

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    Yeah, I wasn’t on the backer list either. There might need to be another review of that info.



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      In chapter ten only Cynis Cogen, Ledaal Kes, and Amon Mora have correct peripheral essence pool totals in accordance with the finishing touches on page 139. Is this wrong or is this after comitted essence with them comitting different amounts of essence from different pools per the characters personal preferences? Everyone else has correct personal essence pool totals but incorrect periheral pools except Cathak Kainan who is completely wrong.The numbers also seem to have no rhyme or reason as Kainan is essence 5 with 15 personal motes and 29 peripheral motes while Mnemon has 16 and 32 respectively.
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        Got through another few chapters. I am also one of the people who isn't on the backer list (I should be a Founder of the Realm, according to Kickstarter, and I verified that my name is there in the BackerKit survey).

        Chapter Three
        101: “At the end of this year, the grandest feast” The phrase “this year” might be an editing artifact; from context, it sounds like it’s referring to a predetermined length of time that the outcaste spends at the Obsidian Mirror, but that’s not actually mentioned anywhere else in this section, and it’s also possible that the Obsidian Mirror just does this feast of choosing at the end of every calendar year, in which case the word "this" is confusing.
        107: “Commemorative heros’ plaques” The word “heros’” should be either “hero’s” or “heroes’” depending on intended meaning.
        107: The sentence beginning “Patricians and wealthy peasants” lacks a terminating period.

        Chapter Four
        112: “Many Amilars follow the Interventionist philosophy: They have” As with the note from page 37, this is inconsistent with how capitalization is used after a colon in most cases in the book (cf p114, last paragraph of Gens Maheka, or 115, last paragraph of Gens Teresu)
        122: “the word of a Righteous Warrior should always guarantee the truth of an assertion, and for the weight it carries, should never be given cheaply.” This should have a comma after “and,” since “for the weight it carries” is a prepositional phrase inserted into the second modal phrase of the clause.
        122: “for she has something greater to fight for.” The use of the pronoun “she” seems strange, since the Righteous Warrior was consistently “he” in this sidebar, and it can’t refer to Sextes Jylis because Sextes Jylis is male.
        126: The Other Outcastes sidebar renders “Heaven’s Dragons” as “Heavenis Dragons” and “Yatani’s Children” as “Yataniis Children”

        Chapter Six
        145: “They play much the same role within Dragon-Blooded societies, innovating solutions to the problems it faces and devising plans for how it might become greater.” This has a subject-pronoun agreement issue: “societies” is plural, yet later in the sentence takes the pronoun “it” and the verbs are singular rather than plural.
        151: The Anima Banner section uses the word “siakas,” but elsewhere in the line, the plural of “siaka” is “siaka” (cf. Ex3 Core pp 280 and 556).
        154: In the “Bonfire/Iconic” description, the sentence “Stealth becomes impossible” is missing a terminal period.
        158: Inconsistent capitalization in fixed training times: Specialty and Willpower don’t capitalize the first letter of the Training Time column, while Spell does.
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          Now that I look closer Tepet Ejava has essence pools are in line with the committed cost of her artifacts so that's probably the reason. Still confused by Kainan's 15 personal pool and 29 peripheral pool though, unless he has artifacts not represented. And why 1 point taken from his personal pool? Mnemon has essence pools in line with her Daiklave and armor but not what ever assosiated cost come with something as powerful as the Emerald Thurible. Does she only attune to it when she's attempting a summoning or is this incorrect?
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            On page 291, in the charm ​Earthshaker Attack at the bottom of the page, there are two dots after (Strength), I believe there should only be one.


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              Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
              Yeah, I wasn’t on the backer list either. There might need to be another review of that info.
              Following the provided link to BackerKit, all I get is something that lets me receive another survey.

              Pretty sure I already filled one of those out. Do I need to do that again to get my backer copy?

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                Originally posted by Sunder the Gold View Post
                Following the provided link to BackerKit, all I get is something that lets me receive another survey.

                Pretty sure I already filled one of those out. Do I need to do that again to get my backer copy?
                Tip: try logging into your backerkit account first, then use the link (or just navigate to the rewards page). If you are not already logged in, it seems to send you through registration.


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                  Please restrict posts to this thread to errata only. Feel free to create new threads to discuss topics or give advice. Thanks!


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                    At the beginning of the paragraph describing Signature Charms on page 163, the text reads "Each Charm has five puissant elemental Signatures." Presumably this should actually read "Each Ability has five puissant elemental Signatures."


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                      page 355
                      at the beginning of the first section on The Slug: "... courtiers move to and fro though the gates...". Seems it should be: "... courtiers move to and from through the gates...".


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                        pg. 34: "while meeting with generals, admirals and strategists to orchestrate military operations." Insert comma between "admirals" and "and."

                        pg. 46: "Her ravenous curiosity about all things mystical paired with her steel backbone led her" Insert comma between "mystical" and "paired." Insert comma between "backbone" and "led."

                        pg. 47: "Today, the house has right of first refusal on all of the throne’s building contracts." Capitalize "throne." "Throne" in the sense of the Empress's government has already been used with capitalization.

                        pg. 49: "She intends on decimating their house, and forcing them to pay war reparations and cancel her family’s debts." Delete "and" before "forcing."

                        pg. 50: "Once a scavenger prince and wandering archaeologist, he rose to power after unearthing a relic of the First Age that prolongs his lifespan and binds the satrapy’s citizenry to its ironclad laws." Change "its" to "his."

                        pg. 55: "Peleps scions travel Creation’s oceans and waterways. bringing back tales and artifacts that excite and intrigue." Change period after "waterways" to a comma.

                        pg. 56: "selling seizing captured contraband and ships to bolster its finances." Delete "seizing."

                        pg. 62: "sustained beyond his years by his daiklave Blood Zenith, as it feeds him" Delete comma between "Zenith" and "as."

                        pg. 126: "Some fall afoul of Heaven’s law, and are exiled" Delete comma after "law"

                        Error in apostrophes for "Heaven's Dragons" and "Yatani's Children."

                        pg. 127: "in equal measure with secret ambitions" Insert comma between "measure" and "with."

                        pg. 130: "Her skin goes white in places, yet still, she does not move." Delete comma between "still" and "she."

                        pg. 134: "killing my Hearthmates and I made them" Insert comma between "Hearthmates" and "and."

                        pg. 160: “…Let me just get my sword,” she said. The opening quotation mark is orphaned.

                        pg. 347: "When one of his lovers died to an Anathema," Change "to" to "by" or "with."

                        pg. 349: The "Aspect" line of Kes's QC block is orphaned at the end of this page while the rest of the block is on 350.

                        pg. 356: "From behind that veil, he rules a shadow network of spies, informants, messengers and assassins that" Insert comma between "messengers" and "and."


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                          P332. Horizon Cleaver is meant to be a Grand Grimcleaver and have the Two-Handed and Reaching tags.


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                            On page 102, the sentence "Unlike mortals, lost eggs must give fifty years of service rather than twenty, their long span of life (to say nothing of their power) obliging a greater commitment to the Empress’ service." seems to refer to nonexistent text on mortal service in the legions.


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                              This part took longer to get through than I'd expected, between holiday commitments and getting struck down by hellplague.

                              Chapter Seven
                              General note: Throughout this chapter, “aspect” is almost always lowercase. Elsewhere in the book, it’s almost always uppercase. I am sufficiently unsure of the editorial intent here that I am not flagging any of these specifically, but wanted to point it out so that you can go through and check your usage for consistency with intent.
                              General note: Several charms that create environmental hazards capitalize the d in damage when giving the hazards’ statistics (e.g. Bellows-Pumping Stride p.168, Exploding Evidence Technique p. 208), and some keep it lowercase (Falling Star Maneuver p. 171, Elemental Burst Technique p. 218). Capital seems more common.
                              160: The opening quotation mark in the second-to-last paragraph is on a different line than any of the actual dialogue.
                              163: “Each Charm has five puissant elemental Signatures.” “Charm” should be “Ability”.
                              166: “against a nontrivial foe as close range.” “as” should be “at”.
                              171: The formatting for Seething Dragon Footprint is a little screwed up; Prerequisite Charms isn’t bolded and there are no line breaks after it.
                              176: “She adds (Stamina) to either the raw damage of a withering attack, or as bonus dice to the control roll of a clinch.” This is super nitpicky even by my standards, but “either” and “to” should swap positions, because the second possibility presented is using “as” as its preposition rather than “to,” so “to” should go after “either” so it only modifies the first possibility.
                              190: Consistency issue: Forge-Hand Prana’s duration is “One project or One scene”. However, Vault-Emptying Whirlwind Heist (p. 205) has a duration of “(Essence) days or until crime is completed”; in the former Charm, the first letter after “or” is capitalized, and in the latter it is not.
                              191: Ember-Amid-Smoke Misdirection has its first paragraph formatted like an inset textbox for some reason, probably just a glitch.
                              192: Flow With Strife’s second paragraph mentions a mote cost, despite this Charm not costing Essence.
                              220: Dragon Vortex Attack capitalizes Difficulty throughout the text of the Charm, which no other Charm that creates environmental hazards does.
                              251: Scattered Pearl Hoof Falls has its formatting a little screwed up; the title isn’t in Charm-title style and it’s on the same line as Cost/Mins.
                              257: “treating this a Minor Tie of trust to her” I believe this should have the word “as” between “this” and “a”.
                              268: Depth-Stalking Discipline uses the word siakas, but as mentioned for the note in Chapter Six, I believe the plural of siaka is siaka.

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                                OK, in contrast to Chapter 7, the last three chapters flew by.

                                Chapter Eight
                                289: There is no line break between the Prerequisite Charms line and the first paragraph of body text for Tornado Offense Technique.
                                291: “on top of this Charm’s base damage of (Strength)..” Extra period after “(Strength)”.
                                299: There is no line break between the Prerequisite Charms line and the first paragraph of body text for Spirit-Wracking Method.
                                300: There is no line break between the Prerequisite Charms line and the first paragraph of body text for Wood Dragon Succor.
                                301: There is no line break between the Prerequisite Charms line and the first paragraph of body text for Cleansing Flame Strike.

                                Chapter Nine
                                323: “may occasionally draw disparaging marks from other Dynasts” I believe “marks” here should be “remarks”.
                                330: “but those waters bely the violent” “bely” is a less-common spelling of “belie,” which I would normally not point out except that the common spelling is used later (p. 345) and so I am flagging it for the sake of consistency.
                                332: Horizon Cleaver’s stat block is inconsistent; it is given the Heavy category and stat line, but that would make it a grand grimcleaver rather than a grimcleaver, and its tags are consistent with a grimcleaver.
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