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Melee and Brawl are over-rated garbage (Mini Rant)

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  • Melee and Brawl are over-rated garbage (Mini Rant)

    I'm sorry but this has been a long time coming.

    Melee for a long time has remained the king of the fighting scene, but its about time its left the spotlight but people STILL have it. There's nothing new or novel about Melee, its playstyle was solved a long time ago and brings nothing new to the table.

    Brawl is equally guilty of this. For far too long I've heard people chant "Bring back Brawl!" when we've had far better options for at least an entire game! I admit it had some nifty things, but its execution leaves rife with problems that too have been solved with superior playstyles.

    You want my advice?

    Get Ultimate instead.

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    Ultimate what? You are more useless than a drunk found piss soaked and vomit stained in a gutter. Explain!


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      Smash Bros Joke.


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        I'll admit, I smiled.

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          Originally posted by Hark View Post
          Smash Bros Joke.
          Like a communist?


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            Originally posted by Alpharius View Post
            Like a communist?
            They play Smash in autochthonia?


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              I came here for an Argument!

              Oh, I'm sorry, this is a Joke Thread.

              ..."But I've bought a big bat, I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me"

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