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    Age of Exalted is one of the few remaining 2.5 edition edition chat games still in operation.

    I am but a lowly probationary staff member there, but I wanted to let folks know that we are still mostly alive and kicking at — note that an older version of Java is needed to get into the actual chat.

    We are in the process of developing a database to handle 3rd ed. A completely new forum and database will come online soon, containing the types of characters we know about as they are published.

    This is a non-commercial staff moderated chat environment. If you would like to be in the roll-out of our third edition venue set in the isles of the West, please drop us an email at — include info about your experiences as a player and storyteller, and the kinds of characters and scenes you enjoy.

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    How exciting! I loved Roleplaying on Java chats back in the day! I played in All of the various exalted Java chats including jade City and Rinmarg. I may have to get my friends together and join up for this new 3rd edition game starting up. I will drop an email soon.

    May you live in interesting times...

    Storyteller of Sun Forged Oath