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So, we finally started our new Chronicle!

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  • So, we finally started our new Chronicle!

    After a year-and-some of prep on the side of finishing up our last campaign, my home group and I have finally started our Exalted 3rd Ed Chronicle.

    The Storm This Way Comes ( ) is two official sessions in, plus a prelude!

    We're using the Aeon Exalted setting hack - which is pretty well shaped up and due for a posting as soon as I finish up some editing.

    We're using the Momentum Exalted rules hack as well. I even got a handmade battlewheel for my birthday, from one of my players. So far, Momentum is staying fast and only had a few hiccups in actual play, which I'm thrilled about.

    Great timing on the WFHW backer PDF coming out! We've got a Solars storyline and a DB's storyline, set to intertwine.

    Our Solars entered the scene with a bang - they fell from the sky, leaving holes in thunderclouds and craters where they landed. They were clutching at whatever Artifacts they had at hand, and unsure exactly how they got there - fully Iconic. They landed on a beach in the middle of a Lintha invasion, and proceeded to do what Solars do.

    So far so good! I've already used a lot of ideas that people have posted here during our long prep time. I apologize that I didn't note who came up with what, but Baramue, the Shogun of Accursed Inspiration, already had an appearance in our DB's prelude.

    Also, my forum time has gotten pretty limited lately. I'll post when I can!

    Check out Momentum Exalted!

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    I have become a Fan of your chronicle on Obsidian Portal! Please feel free to become a fan of Sun Forged Oath when you have a spare moment, and enjoy some of the wonderful writeups my players have been doing.

    May you live in interesting times...

    Storyteller of Sun Forged Oath


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      We're just wrapping up our session for tonight. We stepped into an Aeon ( a sort of pocket realm ) that was about to fall. Glau, our Zenith, met a ghostly image of her once (and future?) lunar mate. Varsay, our Eclipse, was frustrated trying to rescue some knowledge. Phoenix, our Dawn, stabbed a full Zelator worth of blood-ape kebabs.

      I fanned your Chronicle back, and looking forward to reading up, Keichiokami!

      Check out Momentum Exalted!