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Seven Lines for Seven Islands (White Elephant for Mockery, part 1)

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  • Seven Lines for Seven Islands (White Elephant for Mockery, part 1)

    Originally posted by Mockery View Post
    I've been waiting for the opportunity to make a new artifact. Let's do this.

    As it stands, at some point next-year-ish I'm going to be playing in a game set in the West. I'd like a location or a character I can weave into my character's backstory.
    In the interest of helping out, here are seven one line western locations. If you tell me which of them you like, Mockery, I'll see what I can do about expanding on those a bit more.

    Isle of the Invincible Willow - dominated by a giant willow tree, the Alchemist Lords of this satrapy develop new drugs for the Realm.

    Isle of View - a sacred island said to cause dreams of your destined love. Peleps Chedika has started surveying the island for a Manse.

    The Siaka’s Belly - shark infested coral reef said to be full of jade and pearls. Nigh impossible to sail through.

    Isle of the Adamant Cliffs - tall cliffs shield a large, hidden bay that was claimed by House Peleps as a shipyard.

    The Lagoonwood - an area of freshwater and trees sitting in the ocean that is currently claimed by a Guild logging operation.

    Makana - until recently claimed by the Guild, the enslaved locals rose up, killed the merchant prince, and reclaimed their island.

    Isle of Black Lilies - a cursed place from which no one returns. The sorcerer V’Neef Deracha is currently trying to mount an expedition there.


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    Okay, now that the holidays are cooling down I realized this is here.

    So...I'm gonna say that I'm eyeing Makana right now. All of them are excellent for plot hooks, but for my character I'm going to have to go a smidge less fantastical.


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      Is it ok if the Makanans got some divine help when they kicked out the Guild or should that be more ambiguous?



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        Ah, divine help is fine!