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1001 stunts

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  • 1001 stunts

    I would like to see/read very descriptive stunts

    Abilities including:
    • Archery
    • Brawl
    • Martial Arts
    • Melee
    • Thrown
    • Endurance
    • Performance
    • Presence
    • Resistance
    • Survival
    • Craft
    • Investigation
    • Lore
    • Occult
    • Athletics
    • Awareness
    • Dodge
    • Larceny
    • Stealth
    • Bureacracy
    • Linguistics
    • Ride
    • Sail
    • Socialize
    You can include Modern Exalted

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    No love for Integrity or War?


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      Martial Arts: I launch a straight kick at my opponent. He blocks, but instead of grasping my foot, he only holds my shoe. I take my foot out and finish my kick, then slip my shoe back on - while he's holding it - momentarily stunned.

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        Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
        No love for Integrity or War?
        Those are included too


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          Jackie Chan special.

          As she reaches forward to grapple me I lean in allowing her to grasp the sleeves of my coat. I shift my weight backwards shrugging out of my jacket leaving her holding only cloth while I elude her and leave her off-balance.


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            One of my payers has a Melee Specialty: Sword Tricks which is basically an extra stunt die. He likes throwing the sword a lot and combos off of his Bronze Skin. Here are some highlights.

            Sparking his sword against his Bronze Skin to make a brandy-based flame attack.
            Falling to all fours to ricochet a crossbow bolt off of his back, up the jaw of a Zombie Captain.
            Dropping off of a tea pavillion's balcony to run his sword straight down the collarbone-to-tailbone line
            Aikido'ing a mook into the maw of his deadly tiger sized half divine river otter familiar.
            Turning Bronze so that his weight will crush the gangers under him once the floor breaks.
            Throwing a sword at someone just so they'll deflect it and not have time to react to aforementioned otter.
            Feeding his copy of the Broken Wing Crane the blood of people he's killed for extra Sorcerous Motes.
            Decapitating a man and hilt-spiking his head towards his fellows like a volleyball, only to then pin it against the wall with a thrown sword attack. (And he's the nice one of the group!)

            Some highlights from other players:
            Ripping a man in half at the waist slowly, using his screams and intestines to demoralize his allies.
            Calling upon the spirits of your ancestors to lend power to your artifact staff ritual dance to enhance an ally's Obsidian Butterfly spell.
            Shooting a brazier full of oils and burning coal so that it collapses on to a retreating mob, splitting then into two groups (and horribly killing others).
            Letting yourself get trampled by a demon bull so you can rebound off the floor to do a Reverse Waterfall Rising Slash and kill the Big Bad.

            ..."But I've bought a big bat, I'm all ready you see. Now my troubles are going to have troubles with me"

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              First session (maybe second) in our 2nd Edition Lunars game, my character was spying on a conversation as a squirrel, hiding up in the rafters.

              I decided they needed to be taken out. While the ST was continuing the description, I got a post-it and drew out a doodle, giggling the whole time.

              When it was my turn, my Lunar shapeshifted into a mammoth, to fall through the rafters and squish the conspirators. My "stunt" was the drawing. I did a (really bad) bubble elephant/mammoth, legs splayed, landing on a wham-star. Stick figure legs poking out underneath. Underneath the whole thing I block-lettered "MAMMOTH'D" in a curve under the wham-star.

              I just handed the picture to the ST and said nothing. He passed it around, we all got a laugh, and the bad guy was squished.

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