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Two Artifact Swords and some evocations [WIP] [Help Wanted]

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  • Two Artifact Swords and some evocations [WIP] [Help Wanted]

    My players have finished their first major story arc, defeating a Deathknight and opening up the world into the Grand Adventure stage. Two of them have acquired powerful weapons, which I would like get some advice on. They are the Broken Blade and the 10,000 Waves.

    The Broken Blade is a Soulsteel Daiklave (straight sword). It is broken halfway down the length of the blade (hence the name), and has a few small holes drilled into it. As the user kills people, though, the "missing" section of the blade starts to fill with blood, until it has attained its full length. The unique mechanic of this sword is "Blood Points", you can use some of the stored blood to unleash attacks. It was the unfinished project of the Solar's First Age incarnation- a master sorcerer called The Living Cauldron. There's probably a dark secret to it.

    Filled to the Brim: When dealing Lethal damage, the blade fills in its missing length with crystallized blood. For every 2 lethal damage dealt, the Blade gains 1 Blood Point. The blade may have a maximum of 4 Blood Points.
    Special: If the blade is in contact with fresh blood, recently spilled, it may absorb it. (It takes a full human's worth of blood to gain 4 Blood Points).
    Special: Blood stored this way is not permanent. Blood Points will slowly decay over an hour or so if not used.

    Blades of Blood: 1bp.
    The crystallized blood of the Broken Blade whips out from the blade in a makeshift, razorsharp whip of liquid. Until the beginning of your next turn, you may attack out to Medium Range with the Blade.

    Bloody Avarice: The thirst of the Broken Blade is legendary, and its owner is not immune. The first time the wielder takes Lethal Damage in a scene, they may take 1 extra point of damage. If they do, the Blade gains 2 Blood Points.
    I can't think of any more good uses for the Blood mechanic though. I'm looking for help. The Exalted has some melee charms, and is a sorcerer. He usually goes after the battlegroups and uses Stunts to kill the mooks while the heavy hitters go after the Big Bad.

    Hunger, Eternal Hunger: As the Blade grows in Strength, so too does it's hunger. Feeding the Broken Blade with the blood of Gods, Elementals, Monsters, and Exalted will unlock strange and new properties from it. Who knows what secrets lie in the unfinished creation of Sentyalk, the Walking Cauldron? (Additional Evocations will be unlocked as more powerful blood is fed to the sword)

    - - -

    The next weapons is the 10,000 Waves. It is a Black Jade Reaper Daiklave (katana). This katana has a story- it has been passed down the line of dragon blood admirals for almost a thousand years before it disappeared with it's owner, Peleps Daej*. The party recently freed him and his circle from underworld enslavement and he bequeathed it to one of the solars (who married into the Peleps House. There was Anathema Drama there). The sword has exclusively been used to kill pirates, seamonsters, and other admiral types. It's unique mechanic is Seaborne, extra effects that trigger is the user is near the ocean (still playing that by ear, but essentially- on a boat, on the docks, on the beach. So within extreme range of the sea)

    Home on the Seas: The bearer of this sword has no fear of the sea: he cannot drown, he can swim without tiring, float effortlessly, drink seawater as though it were fresh from a spring, and has an automatic success to find foraging for food in the sea- small crabs and schools of fish are not troubled by his intrusion there always seems to be enough edible plant life around.

    Ten-Thousand Storms: Any sailor can face a single storm, but perfection comes from having faced them all. The user is always aware of when a storm is coming, and whether it is mundane or magical in nature. He may see clearly in them and suffers no awareness or movement penalties in one.
    Seaborne: 5m, 1wp. The bearer may attempt to dispel a storm by attacking it. On a difficulty 5 decisive gambit, the waters of the storm-cloud part and a path is cleared for the user and his boat. In case of a magical storm, the gambit instead reveals the creator and may provoke them into direct confrontation.

    Ten-Thousand Tides: 5m. Inspired by the running waters and flowing currents, the bearer may run along any surface as long as he ends his turn on level ground. This includes up walls, across ceilings, down the sides of boats, and even over the surface of the waves themselves.
    Seaborne: As water flows, so too does it ebb. The user may reactive this charm by paying its full price to return to the position they came from, regardless of any obstructions in the way. This effect may only be used once per scene.

    Ten-Thousand Geysers: 10m, 1wp. Decisive only, Supplemental.

    The great admiral, Peleps Daej, was one of the few to have ever master the pinnacle technique of the black sword- the power to subdue even leviathans. After chasing the Armored Nightmare Creyngaeg, onto shore, he used a stratagem of letting the powerful geysers of the island unbalance the great beast, providing opportunity to slay that which shrugs off swords.

    The bearer of 10,000 Waves has uncovered the sword's true desire- to slay the great leviathans that foul the Western Seas. Once per story, the bearer may ignore the reduction in decisive damage granted by the Legendary Size merit when attacking an opponent. If the attacks deals at least 1 damage, the other effects of the Legendary Size Merit are temporarily suppressed as well, until the end of the scene.
    Seaborne: The evocation resets on the death of a creature with the Legendary Size merit.
    As a side note, the Solar and Daej are both Single Point Stylists so there is some deliberate synergy there for the last move, as Single Point struggles to defeat Legendary Size creatures and both the Solar and Daej have a hate for Leviathans. Leviathans are also a big, big part of the setting in my game.

    *sidenote- I have no idea which House is the "Maritime" one, and when I was asked I just picked Peleps off the top of my head. So now in my game House Peleps gets a lot of their family wealth from the West and have produced many fine Water type Terrestrial Exalted.

    There we go, those are my two artifact weapons. I'd really appreciate fleshing them out a little and coming up with some evocations for the Broken Blade, and to get some eyes on the weapons for the sake of Balance.
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