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Scheming Goddess, Evil House, and Giant Snek: New Hundred Devils is out

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  • Scheming Goddess, Evil House, and Giant Snek: New Hundred Devils is out

    New Adversaries of the Righteous and Hundred Devils Night Parade entries are up!


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    The goddess is impressive and scary. The number of Eclipse keyworded charms is tempting!

    The Hundred Chamber Maze from the Forlorn Manor combined with Adeimantus’s Municiple Perfection Decree will give an Eclipse some cool abilities in cities.

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      The goddess is impressive and I like the take on her as a villian.
      The manor reads as it's own adventure of material, which is nice.
      My only ocmplaint about the constrictor is lacking familiar powers (Latent or Magical). I guess I can just grab other snake ones though?

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        I like Afhodha covering some interesting things in the powers of a mid-level goddess, domain informing perspective in self-serving ways, what various kinds of offering and sacrifice do for her emotionally and materially, and how she gets a bit of an edge in her conduct and metaphysics.

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