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1001 Imperial Outrages! Down with the tyrants!

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  • 1001 Imperial Outrages! Down with the tyrants!

    Alright, I'll hop on this 1001 list bandwagon.

    I've thought of a few things that would turn an occupied nation against its conqueror real fast (specifically in the context of Exalted). Here's the list, and please do add to it with your ideas:

    1. The empire hosts a powerful, dominant religious organization with strict taboos against certain things the occupied nation takes for granted. The imperial religion decides to flex its muscles and starts a rampage of divinely inspired vandalism, defacing artworks, cultural artifacts and sacred places for daring to defy the sublime edicts of the conqueror's prophets. This all comes to a head when the religion tries to destroy a cultural monument of massive national significance to the locals, who subsequently start a riot to protect it. The occupation government cracks down on the enraged rioters with excessive force.

    2. A group of aristocrats from the imperial center take a "vacation" in the tributary state, flouting all local laws and mores and doing whatever they please. This excessive debauchery takes a dark turn into rape and murder, getting so bad even the imperial government takes notice. The offenders are quietly extracted and privately chastened, but suffer no public punishment. The victims are not even acknowledged as the government waits for the situation to die down.

    3. Local businesses and industries are persecuted, driven out or shut down under ridiculous charges. Naturally, imperial magnates and foreign factors swoop in to establish virtual monoplies and drain the local economy dry. Poverty and starvation skyrocket.

    4. In order to supplement their ranks and reduce the possiblity of rebellion, the empire recruits thousands of young people from the tributary as auxiliaries, either drafting them or telling lies about promised rewards and the circumstances of service. These auxiliaries, often the most likely individuals to make up the ranks of rebels, are sent to die in horrible wars far from home. The few that survive their terms of service return to their families maimed and traumatized.

    5. The empire begins resource extraction in earnest, concentrating all the tributary states' manpower and industry into producing or retrieving whatever the invader finds valuable. As local industry becomes hyperspecialized, the economy distorts, making the conquered land overreliant on one or two sources of national income. As the fortunes of the imperial industry rise and fall, so too do the fates of the inhabitants. Quality of life suffers a gradual downturn, and human souls become a cheap commodity.

    6. The empire hikes taxation up to ridiculous, unsustainable levels. Poverty and starvation spread like plagues. Meanwhile, local imperial cronies receive their share of the spoils, and live like kings while the common folk rot. Ordinary people must debase themselves in humiliating servitude to the cronies for food, or else compete with one another for dwindling resources.

    7. The empire withdraws its garrison forces and refuses all calls for aid, preoccupied with its own problems. Raiders, rivals and monsters ravage the borderlands and probe deep into the heartland, and the empire refuses to do anything about it. They of course continue to demand their tribute, the occupational government's forces extorting taxes from the populace while doing their level best to evade any actual danger whatsoever.

    8. The occupied nation guarantees its people certain rights, according to its social structure and traditions. The empire flouts these rights, for instance ignoring a claimant's right to a trial by jury, or habitual interference in honor duels.

    9. Criticism, even of a constructive nature, is not tolerated under the occupational government. Anyone who dares to speak against governmental conduct, whether he or she be an artist, intellectual or government offical, is either publicly punished or quietly intimidated into silence. The most blatant example of this comes when a group of highly respected savant-philosophers are publicly executed for sedition after a farcically one-sided show trial.

    10. A certain family or organization has ruled the land for generations, the populace having long since embraced them as the true legitimate power. This body refuses to obey the empire's increasingly tyrannical edicts, and subsequently suffers the conqueror's wrath. Entire families are wiped out, and the survivors and their most loyal followers are forced into hiding. The empire appoints sycophantic quislings in their place, who enact the imperial will with zeal.

    11. The empire takes a divide and conquer approach, exacerbating or outright fabricating tension between local cultural, ethnic, political, racial or religious groups. The tributary turns against itself as the occupiers play the sides against each other and reap the rewards. The conflicts inevitably turn violent, and blood flows through the streets and fields. The empire ultimately puts the weakest or most hated faction into a position of power and privilege over the others, practically enslaving the group to imperial protection while directing the nation's ire away from their true oppressors.

    12. A local tournament or sporting event of great significance is ruined due to imperial meddling. Champions representing the empire itself or its local cronies are given ludicrous advantages, or even benefit from outright cheating. The locals are scandalized and furious.

    13. Certain animals considered sacred by the locals possess unique qualities, are extraordinarily difficult to catch or put down, or both. Imperial aristocrats take to hunting these sacred animals for sport, sneering at local protests. They even bribe or threaten locals to go against their own beliefs and help hunt the creatures down.

    14. Imperial treasure hunters defile sites and artifacts of deep cultural or religious significance in pursuit of treasure. The occupiers manage to avoid any negative consequences directed at themselves, and completely ignore any negative repercussions suffered by the populace.

    15. In order to increase its profits, the empire enslaves large portions of the tributary's populace. Entire communities are depopulated and sold into servitude, usually in foreign markets. Widespread chaos and suffering within the occupied nation ensues.
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    "The imperials have favored our ancient enemies, the Crocodile Folk, imposing a "balance of power". The Crocodile Folk's lack of respect for our gods and elders is well known. This is a flagrant abuse of the ancient dignity of the Hippo People! Moreover, the Realm have taken over our trade to the Guild in our hereditary slaves, the Ibis People, which was given us by the gods, to enrich their satrap and Houses, rather than our ruling tribe as is proper. Clearly the answer can *only* be rebellion and the resumption of proper affairs and the driving of both the imperials and Crocodile Folk from our lands!"


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      Love this!

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        Can't have a thread about imperial abuse without


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          I believe that the opening post and the second post are both legitimate things that the locals could have with the Realm (and lets be real it's most likely the Realm doing this). While the Realm is well, an empire with all the dickbaggery that implies, that certainly doesn't mean the people they conquer aren't also pieces of filth, perhaps even worse!

          Still you don't want to go all Imperialist apologia on everyone.

          18. The Invaders have slain our gods and replaced them with spineless spirits. If the satrap doesn't do as the invader say, they'll force their spirit slaves to set curses on our crops, homes, or even people setting plague, famine, and weakness onto the satrap!
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            19. The Empire has forced the cessation of our traditional educational systems and replaced our scholars with Immaculate Monks who teach a Realm and Immaculate-friendly curriculum! Not only is the history of our people being lost or reduced to a footnote in the history of the Glorious Empire, they're using a Realm alphabet and teaching in Low Realm! If this keeps up, soon our children won't even know how to speak our own language!

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              20. An imperial aristocrat has a "pet project" they've wanted to implement for years, and they've come to the easily-exploited tributary to do it. Demanding swift and precise progress on the cheap, the aristocrat has recruited or "recruited" huge numbers of common workers for back-breaking labor under appalling conditions, with little to no pay in return. The region suffers without its laborers and family breadwinners, but the aristocrat does not care what happens to some "neanderthal provincials."

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              Jen's original portrayal of Mouse Monk, featuring some human or other named Tybalt Farwander.


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                21. A particularly cruel Realm Sorcerer, when not getting the insane taxes he has demand had decided to simply 'replace' the towns people by using his summoned demons to kill them one by one and using a Sorcerous working to extend the duration of his demons servitude Indefinitely. Gaining a untiring and productive work forces that is magically bond to be loyal to him. And worst of all, due to it's "success" other Satraps are starting to take his example and either do the same or hire a sorcerer to, Including ours!

                (Based on my Realm Dragonblooded Sorcerer)
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                  22. In order to assert dominance, the occupation government coerces a beloved public figure into humiliating themselves in public. It backfires spectacularly, as the populace is fully aware of precisely what happened and who was responsible. The public figure gains strong sympathy, while the government sinks lower into widespread loathing.

                  Mouse monk riding a tiny pig avatar courtesy of the very talented forumite Jen!

                  Jen's original portrayal of Mouse Monk, featuring some human or other named Tybalt Farwander.


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                    23. The invaders have begun using the patio process to harvest the last dregs of silver from a dying mine; the used mercury is seeping into the town's water supply, poisoning crops and people alike.

                    24. Collective punishment by the invaders is common-place; a citizen who steals not only risks his own life, but the lives of his extended family as well.

                    25. One of the architects of the invasion has unusual physic and medical theories; the citizens serve as the perfect test and control groups, as well as vivisection subjects.

                    26. The invaders are forcing the citizen farmers to abandon local food crops in favor of land and water intensive cash crops. In only a few years, yields have already begun dramatically decreasing as the soil and groundwater are exhausted, and the old harvest gods have abandoned the land.

                    27. The leader of the invaders, after having killed the local prince, has forcibly claimed his beautiful and popular wife and family as part of his own.

                    28. In retribution for a student uprising, the invaders have ordered the execution of any person between the ages of 13 to 18 years.

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