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    As requested, something for a Dragonblooded Secondary School or their Sabbatical. I went with a South Western Satrapy with some neat tourist attractions, and maybe a cult or two. Enjoy LeTipex !

    Things to see in Yirji, for the Adventurous Dynast:
    The tombs of the great kings of Yirji—and their bodies, preserved against time by the venom of the golden serpents.
    The golden serpents, wise and cunning snakes that roam the streets freely.
    Stem the schemes of the Ever Ready Fangs and their criminal enterprises!
    Learn the secrets of the Kuro sect of mystics!
    The port of Yirji is guarded by two great carvings of golden serpents—carvings that on a second look are made of intertwined smaller carvings rising around a central column. Little in the region has more fame and fear then the Golden Serpents of Yirji. Before the conquest by the realm, the snakes could only be found around the city and its jungle temples. The venom is known for a number of purposes—it is a paralytic, in its most basic form; but with some treatment it becomes a strong preservative; and in others a hallucinogenic.
    The golden serpents themselves resemble cobras, with scales of gold and undersides that are bright red or sometimes purple. Unusual among serpents, the golden ones are social creatures. Many are still kept as pets, and ‘packs’ of them make shared nests and hunt as one.
    In the days before the Realm, the serpents and their attendant gods were worshiped by the city openly. The priests made use of the venom as a war blessing on weapons, and as a way to preserve bodies after death that the soul might stay intact in it’s journeys beyond. The oracles of the Temple of Yijirima were said to produce such regal creatures from their mouths, and compel them to speak prophecy—others would use flutes to persuade the others to dance and give advice. In exchange, they took sacrifices—including a royal sacrifice of one youth for the royal prophecy of the greatest serpent, every fifty years.
    The back of the city is lined with the broken burial tombs of the most recent nobility, whom the priests entombed and preserved using the serpent venom. Statues of the warriors of the Ever Ready Fangs stand tall in those abandoned quarters. Those who, in the days of the Realm, follow the old ways still meet beneath them and plan. The older, more elaborate tombs are still intact--if they were demolished, the Realm fears a costly revolt might begin. Instead, scholars and alchemists study the bodies in the tombs, and the alchemical texts preserved on their walls for information on the old rites of Yirji.
    For when the Peleps family found the city, the Immaculate faith drove them to crush the serpent worship. The whims of gods had sent many to poverty or death, and the virtues of the poison were turned toxic in priestly hands. So they set to war, and in victory slew the serpent god they found in the temple, hanging it’s skin outside the immaculate temple. The scattering of the priests that followed—and the death of many of the Ever Ready Fangs—resulted in most of the snake worship going underground. The last satrap, Peleps Delat, suggested the implementation of a policy that rewarded the hunting of golden serpents—paying a small reward for each serepent head returned.
    The resulting boom in snake farms ended the program.
    That isn’t to say the satrapy prohibits the serpents entirely. Their venom is incredibly valuable, their hides beautiful. Visiting Dynasts often take a few as exotic pets, especially if they have a distast for cats but desire to keep rodents at bay.
    Yirji has thus become a small satrapy—an out of the way curiosity for vacationing Dragonblooded. Snake charmers, even without their divining arts, are a common site. The statues of coiling serpents, many still gilded, are beautiful to behold. In the absence of the serpent priests, the more acceptable Kuro mystics have taken some public sway. The Immaculate Order finds them...tolerable, this far from the Realm.
    The mystics claim to have access to more perfect living and knowledge, after ingesting the scorpions tail or being stung by their scorpions. The goddess, Ishvrisk, has eight eyes and eight divine senses with which to understand the world, revealed in the poison of arachnids. The Kuro mystics prefer the scorpion, but the spider is found as well. A few dynasts have taken on some of their techniques or learned poisonous martial arts from them.

    Two threats have emerged to Yirji recently, however. One is internal---the survivors of the Ever Ready Fangs have continued to be a nuisance to Imperial forces for sometime. While most are aware of the Fangs existence, and its activities as a criminal syndicate and nationalist movement, the group had little to no potential of reclaiming the city—until two things changed. One is the daughter of it’s current head priest exalted—Envenomed Blossom drew second breath at age seventeen, and serves as a commander of the serpentine guerrillas. She has already begun reclaiming lost tokens of power from the old family, including her armor, the Cobra’s Hood.
    The other change is the Empress. While a valuable satrapy, Yirji could be abandoned temporarily if the troops are needed elsewhere. This means an opening might emerge for the Fangs to strike—suddenly and with enough force to clear out the dynasts and re-take the city as a base of operations. Or perhaps the Kuro mystics will make a play for power.

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    Interesting place. I like it.



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      This is really cool, and I'm totally going to use it in my next campaign. I totally dig the aesthetic of the gilded snakes left as a reminder of the old cult that's been forced underground.

      Thanks a lot for your gift!

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