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Folding Trunk (Artifact 3)

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  • Folding Trunk (Artifact 3)

    Because if we have Folding Ships, why not Folding Luggage?

    Secured Folding Trunk (Artifact 3)

    This trunk is rectangular sea chest of 4 feet by 2.5 feet, carved from Eastern redwoods and inlayed with rare materials and blue jade, with a spiral of starmetal wire on the lid. When open, it can be attuned for 2 motes, allowing the user to silently will it to open or close as a reflexive action, though the chest will refuse to shut while a living creature is inside.

    If someone tries to open a closed chest, either through force or guile, the jade inlay will crawl with static for a moment. If the criminal continues trying to force the lid, the box will release a charge of lightning, causing everyone touching the chest to suffer 3L dice of damage and disrupting the attempt to open the chest. Once discharged, all further attempts to open the chest in that scene are difficulty 5 while the chest rebuilds its charge.

    When closed, the chest may also be willed to Fold, at which point hidden catches unlock and the panels that compose the chest start sliding and collapsing into each other over the course of one minute, until it forms a miniature puzzlebox of 4”x2.5” with a starmetal spiral on the lid. A willed command will cause it to Unfold in the same fashion.

    If the attunement to the box lapses while in its folded state, the catches automatically unlock, but after that it must be unfolded manually as an extended (Int+Lore) action, with difficulty 5 and a goal of 30, with each roll taking ten minutes of work. If left alone for five minutes or if a roll is botched, the box will collapse back to its folded state and work must begin again.


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    So, does it need to be empty to fold or is is supposed to be a weird alternative to Elsewhere storage?


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      Exalted doesn’t really do bags of holding and stuff, so yes this is supposed to be both a secure traveling case and a method for carrying all your luggage in your pocket.

      And a nifty thing to find in a First Age ruin that lets the characters work a bit before they get at the ancient Solar’s luggage.