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The Ruins of Solfege Caelestis [White Elephant for Taleksi]

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  • The Ruins of Solfege Caelestis [White Elephant for Taleksi]

    You know, I thought at some point I'd leave procrastination behind. But here I am, an hour before deadline by my time zone. In my defense, I lost a lot of work and had to redo a lot of this when I realized I forgot to save before a system update mandated a reboot.

    ...That's not a great defense.

    Originally posted by Taleksi View Post
    My Twilight is a treasure hunter, so I'd love to get an artifact for her to find or a ruin for her to explore. Alternatively, some art about her or anything about Sidereals, Raksha or Malfeas is very welcome.
    Okay, my art is only about stick-figure level, and not even Jukashi stick-figure level, so let's just go with the ruins, hm?

    Behold, Solar Hubris in action:

    It was intended to soar for thousands of years, until the end of the Age, until the end of time.
    Instead, it sits, its supposedly imperishable construction broken and mostly buried in ice and snow.

    Eight towers rose from its perimeter, each one to sing its own song in a glorious and harmonious polyphony.
    Now it rests, only the tip of one tower elevated enough and clear enough to sing a single sustained note.

    It had many names: Solfege Caelestis, Adorjan’s Sorrow, Nerishah’s Folly, The Crowned Albatross.
    But ask the people of Creation now. Ask them of this place. See if any of them remember. The memory is as lost as the place itself.

    The History

    The Place, Then and Now

    The Sole Surviving Denizens, an Elemental and a Demon.

    And a Daiklave, because I can't not do swords.(And because I make characters suffer.)

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    I love it! Easily worth the wait.