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[White Elephant] For Alistair: The Corrupter of Wishes (3CD)

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  • [White Elephant] For Alistair: The Corrupter of Wishes (3CD)

    Zauri, the Corrupter of Wishes, Soul of the Dragon’s Shadow

    Deep in the realms of the Hell, far from the Seat of the Emerald Sun, lies a palace of glass and silver. This palace is home to Zauri, the Corrupter of Wishes, one of the highest souls of The Ebon Dragon. Typically appearing in the form of an marble-pale, sable haired, petite woman, Zauri is unfailingly polite to all who visit her estate, for it is her nature to fulfill the wishes of those who supplicate themselves before her. Yet, there is always a cost, for the Corrupter of Wishes is true to her title and will always turn the sweetness of a request granted sour.

    While it is in her power to grant all manner of wishes, Zauri rarely does so out of hand. More often than not, she will require that her supplicants offer up something in exchange. This is what occurred to Prince Llew of the Getherin, who wished for Zauri to grant him the means of finding an dread cauldron from which a necromancer was raising hordes of the Undead. She offered him the knowledge and means to enter into his enemy’s fortress and capture the artifact himself, but required that he give her his holy Daiklaive, but only once he had secured the cauldron. Llew agreed, thinking that his blade would be a small price to pay for the safety of his people. But upon reaching the cursed cauldron, Llew’s holy sword disappeared into the depth of Malfeas, and he was left without the means to destroy the cauldron or even defend himself. He was fed unto the accursed pot himself, and it was only through the heroics of his eldest that his nation survived.

    For all of this, supplicants should be more wary for when Zauri asks for nothing in return for granting a boon, for in those cases, she knows that just by granting the wish itself, the sweetness will turn to ash. This can be either as a direct result of the wish; such as a maid requesting a prince fall in love with her leading to a bloody war after he breaks off a political betrothal, or as a means of Zauri’s method of fulfilling the wish, such as granting the maid a potion that eventually transforms her prince into a hideous beast or inflicts him with a terrible wasting disease.

    There are limits to Zauri’s power, though. She cannot directly affect anything or anyone in other realms of existence; if you wish her to heal your dying father, you must either bring him to Hell, call her forth into Creation, or accept that she can only offer you a salve that will cure his ailment. Zauri cannot directly affect the minds, panoply or domains of the Yozis, or their Third and Second Circle demons. While manipulating second circles is within her power, she will refrain from doing so, lest she get engaged in conflict with another of the Unquestionables. Though she can grant immense supernatural power upon a mortal, she lacks the power to grant Exaltation. And, as in all things, she cannot turn back time, nor can she raise the dead.

    Zauri is not a warrior, and will always make that abundantly clear to all. She will always attempt to flee rather than fight. If forced into battle though, she can be dangerous indeed. She has no skill with blade or bow, and knows no martial art. But no matter where she goes, even into the fields of Creation, she bears within her essence an untold legion of shadow. Containing the lost and and forsaken souls of every man and woman, demon and god, who has ever offered themselves as payment to the Corrupter of Wishes, this army is her sword, her shield, and her armor.

    Defining Principle: If it is in my power, I will fulfill any wish presented to me
    Defining Principle: There must always be a price to pay for the hubris that is desire
    Major Tie: The Dragon’s Shadow (Woeful respect)

    Essence: 8; Willpower: 10; Join Battle: 10 dice
    Personal Motes: 130
    Health Levels: -0x4/-1x6/-2x6/-4x4/Incap
    Actions: Demonic Lore: 10 Dice; Read Intentions: 13 Dice; Senses: 9 dice, Social Influence: 15 Dice;
    Appearance 8, Resolve 6, Guile 7


    Cult 2: Zauri benefits from a prayers of those to whom she has granted boons, and yet live.
    Infernal Treasury: Zauri’s palace bears a treasure-vault exceeding that of even the Sun-kings of old. In addition to nearly limitless wealth, it contains tomes of ancient knowledge and a multitude of artifacts. As a simple action, she may pull any single item from her vault, or whisk any item that is hers to it, no matter if the distance between it and her. This includes any items that were promised to her as part of one of her deals, so long as she fulfilled her end of the bargain.

    Allies [Varies]: Zauri has at her beck and call a number of potent retainers and allies, most of whom are those whom she has ensnared through her powers to grant boons. From the Raven-King Galam Mac Nechtan, and ancient Faerie lord who she whisked into Hell to save from the wrath of the Sword of Creation, to Giseldric, the Dragon of Sable Fire, an outcaste who offered his love to the demon in exchange for her own, or Selene et Agnes, a homunculus who now controls the trade city of Do-Logran in the name of the now-dead factor who wished to return his wife to life; if Zauri is in need of certain skills, abilities, contacts, or access, more likely than not, she has someone who can aid.

    Combat Stats
    Attack (Living Shadows): 13 Dice (Damage 20, minimum 4)
    Combat Movement: 9 dice
    Evasion 5, Parry 5
    Soak/Hardness: 15/0

    Offensive Charms
    Comes What May (6m; Reflexive; Instant; Decisive-only, Counterattack): Zauri dissolves into mist, and reforms, striking out from her opponent’s shadow. This charm can only be made after Zauri successfully evades an attack made against her at close range, and allows her to make a single unexpected decisive counterattack against the opponent who targeted her.

    As Reach exceeds Grasp (4m, 1wp; Simple; Instant; Dual) Zauri launches forth one of her shades as a weapon, striking well beyond her own reach. Zauri makes a single decisive or withering attack at any opponent she can see at up to short range without needing to aim. This attack ignores any cover save full cover, and may be used to clash a ranged attack.

    Defensive Charms
    Desire Unfulfilled (10m, 1wp; Reflexive; Instant): Zauri interposes one of her shades in the way of an attack, sacrificing it to save herself. This charm may be activated in response to any attack that targets Zauri, after the attack is rolled, but before damage is calculated. Reduce all successes in the attack roll to zero. This charm may only be used once per scene, unless reset by Zauri slaying a non-trivial opponent.

    Social Charms
    Fulfill the Exacting Words (10m, 1wp; Supplemental; Psyche; Instant) Zauri’s tongue is a silver one, from which venomous words drip, addling minds and warping wishes. This charm supplements a Bargain action made by Zauri in response to a petition, granting allowing Zauri to reroll 1’s until they fail to appear and granting the roll double 7s. If successful, the target believes that whatever she has offered fulfills their petition. Resisting this effect costs 4 willpower. Zauri usually uses this charm to make it appear a if she can perform miracles that are beyond her grasp, such as convincing a guildsman that granting him “power equal to any of the Scarlet Dynasty” will fulfill his request for Exaltation, or convincing a grieving parent that creating a homunculus duplicate fulfills their wish to revive a dead child.

    Miscellaneous Charms
    Hurry Home (10m, 1wp; Simple; Instant): Zauri disappears into shadows on her next turn, instantly moving to her palace in hell or to her summoner.
    Materialize (70m, 1wp; Simple; Instant)
    Measure the Wind (5m; Simple; Instant): Zauri may discern the nature of anyone who submits a petition to her.
    Granter of Heart’s Desire (5wp; Simple; Instant): Zauri grants the wishes of any who submit a petition before her, should it be within her power. Using this charm is a simple action that cannot be taken in combat. Once a petitioner has submitted a heartfelt request (defined as directly pertaining to a Major or Defining intimacy held by the petitioner) request, and they have agreed to Zauri’s terms (if any), she may activate this charm to immediately grant the request, as if Zauri had successfully completed a Sorcerous Working of up to Ambition 3 at the Celestial Level.

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    Quite enjoyable to see her finally realized. While I'm saddened that the Obsidian Blossom Samurai didn't join his sister, maybe we'll see him later.. All in all, good job.


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      I love it! Thanks~