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    *looks at things*

    Goddamn it. What about touch of grace? That was from 2e, though. Damned edition changes....

    I would deal with reducing morbidity, and looking at their origin as plants, allow them to produce any medicine. Note, the shaman has to diagnose the disease himself, and at least have a rough idea on the cure. This is kinda hard, and leaves them tuckered out. Alternatively, you can just have them produce raw materials, and then make it yourself. Succeed in the medicine or craft roll, and you'll make a medicine that's more effective than normal. I haven't looked at the craft rules for 3e, only 2e. But if its the same, I think it should give the dude an extra 3 dice bonus. Think of it as equipment bonus.


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      Originally posted by Accelerator View Post
      Ok. Frack it.

      I'm writing a new elemental. And i need help.

      Its basically bulbasaur. Highly friendly. Nice to meet. Basically a hyperactive puppy.

      I need some way to show or have it be able to produce ichors, medicines, pastes, and other such things. How?
      Maybe adapting some of the charms of a disease-spirit. There is one in the 3e core, right?
      Tinkering with some hearthstones or artifacts (high level familiars costing 3 merit points, about the same as your "basic" artifact with evocations) might be good too.

      Also, old thread of possible relevance to the subject of homebrewing elementals & other such things.
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        double post
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          If you want it to be an equipment bonus, be sure to specify the bonus dice are "non-Charm dice" otherwise they'll count towards the dice cap for excellencies and other Charms that give direct dice or success bonuses.

          "Measure of Hope is right about everything." - Wise Old Guru

          Currently running an Exalted 2.5 Abyssals game in a homebrew modern shard because I value neither my time or my sanity, and I'm loving almost every minute of it.


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            Originally posted by Measure of Hope View Post
            If you want it to be an equipment bonus, be sure to specify the bonus dice are "non-Charm dice" otherwise they'll count towards the dice cap for excellencies and other Charms that give direct dice or success bonuses.

            Good point. Pastes, salves and such medicines should certainly count as equipment/"non-Charm dice" bonus.


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              That is true.

              How about this? A rhino, that embodies the unstoppable tide of an avalanche. Near-unstoppable. Very fast. Very strong. Only able to travel in one direction. And as it travels, it drags along other things in its wake, pulling them along in his slipstream, so that when he finally crashes into a foe the foe also gets barraged by debris and other assorted things that are picked up. Ranging from pebbles to logs to cars.


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                If it can only move in one direction, does that include vertically, too? If it comes to a hill, does it plow through it, or just continue charging up the hill? What happens when it reaches the edge of Creation, does it keep going into the Wyld, or just drop dead?


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                  Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
                  If it can only move in one direction, does that include vertically, too? If it comes to a hill, does it plow through it, or just continue charging up the hill? What happens when it reaches the edge of Creation, does it keep going into the Wyld, or just drop dead?
                  Oh wow. Tough question.

                  I think I should make it so that as long as its in motion, it's got passive defenses against shaping and things that would slow it down.

                  And it doesn't get tired.

                  The fair folk courts whisper of a moving mountain, called The Juggernaut. A great mass of stone, its stabilising nature calcifying and annihilating any fae or fairy that came near him. His bulk moving faster and faster, as he picks up speed while charging through the wild.

                  Fae have woven entire fortresses before him. He broke them. A noble wove a behemoth of shimmering crystal and black fire. He gored it with his horn and trampled it underfoot, his stabilizing nature transforming it back into the dreams illusions it was made of. The great army of Harosh stood against him, glinting spears and shining helms. They were scattered, and Harosh survived on via the sacrifice of his entire honour guard.

                  The Juggernaut charges through the wyld, heedless and uncaring of any whom stand in his way. Lately, there has been a change. The sights are now less chaotic. The surroundings, more familiar.

                  The vagaries of space and distance and direction are always chaotic in the Wyld. For millenia, the juggernaut has moved through Chaos, all the while picking up speed and power. Transforming him into a force that, to many in Creation, would be termed 'unstoppable'

                  And now, he is turning around.


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                    Exalted already has a critter called the Juggernaut.


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                      Originally posted by TheCountAlucard View Post
                      Exalted already has a critter called the Juggernaut.
                      Goddamn it all the cool names are taken.


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                        Found some stuff:


                        We suffer from the same problem. My Twilight is in massive dislike of Demons (might have something to do with loosing a good friend and ally to a demon in his prequel story!) and wants to focus a lot on Elementals. I've noted down a few ideas, though most are still very rough ideas. The listing follows below split into the Element in question.

                        Fire Elementals
                        • Calm Fire (E1) / A very basic barely self-conscious disembodied flame. They can sometimes be found in the wake of significant fires, drifting around and perhaps creating a new fire of their own.
                        • Tinderheart (E1) / Small elemental creatures made up of charred sticks and perhaps glowing stones, still glimmering with heat. They are venegeful creatures of ill temper which seem to (wrongly) recollect once having been a Wood elemental. They can quickly become immensely aggressive and abusive in their personality, though they are still easy to manage for most adult humans.
                        • Equitable Forgefire (E1) / Named so for their tendency to settle down in the fires of a forge, these Elementals are usually responsible to keep fires burning for a long time. They can be found, sometimes bribed, sometimes willingly, in the fires of a smiths forge. They remain as long as the fire burns and are a lazy sort of creature, easily appeased with small offerings.
                        • Blazewalker (E2) / Rash and quick to action, these humanly shapes of pure fire yearn for action and activity. They rarely tire but keep changing their focus of interest. When held forcibly or by bribery to a certain task, these creatures are very effective in their duties and eager to get done with it.
                        • Thousand-Mirror Flames (E2) / Creatures of crystal, made up from thousands of small gems which contain fire within them. They are about half the size of a normal mortal and have three legs and seven arms, roughly shaped along human limbs, though they sometimes have more joints than a human would have. They are vicious and prone to fierce combat but can be appeased easily by offering them flames which they may devour, storing the flames within their crystals.
                        • Smouldering Wisdom (E3) / A creature of cinders and smoke, the Smouldering Wisdom is a thing of great age and - as the name implies - wisdom. They guard their secrets closely, but are often willing to bargain knowledge for gifts or quests. They are a honourable sort and generally wary of all who approach them.
                        Wood Elementals
                        • Hardwood Butterflies (E1) / The size of a small child, these butterflies are creatures composed of hardwood and leaves. They are curious and can sometimes be seen, their glow heralding their proximity. When they swing their wings, the natural Wood-Essence of the world is made visible and swirls around those wings in a display of colors, most of them green. They have little fear of humans and feel attracted to people with magical abilities. In some societies these creatures are seen as good omens.
                        • Fanged Tumbleweed (E1) / Most-often seen in the savannahs of the south-east, these elementals are neatly described by their name. They are wild things that tumble around without aim until they come upon something that interests them. Once that interest is garnered, they are persistent in pursuit, trying to feed and tear apart their fancy, capable of quick movement against all currents and winds.
                        • Sweet Little Treeling (E1) / Reminiscent of a Bonsai, these miniature-trees are things of pride and beauty, seeking to be adored and loved by others. They look to place themselves in places where they can be spotted easily and quickly proceed to fill the air around them with sweet scents that can lead to a tiny 'high' when inhaled. With this 'high' comes an increased appreciation of these trees, sometimes leading to a proper fascination. These creatures are much more malicious at times, though, and can greatly enjoy envy and jealousy around them. When properly handled and cared-for, these creatures help things around them grow much more healthy, though.
                        • Thousand-Faced Artisans (E2) / Human-sized elementals which collect deadwood to cave into new forms, which they then slowly apply unto themselves. Whenever an Artisan takes on a new form after countless hours of careful crafting, they also adopt an entirely new personality, though the desire and lust for wood-related artistry remains. When bargained with or bound by spells, they can make excellent craftsmen so long as only deadwood is used in their works.
                        • Verdant Stalker (E3) / Great cat-like beasts of supple flesh and fertility. These elementals are about the size of an average lion but seem to consist out of leaf, flower, blossom and wood. They move with uncanny speed and agility, eclipsing even it's mortal cousins. When spring arrives these creatures leave fertility and fresh growth in their wake, for upon their trail flowers grow or grasses out of otherwise barren lands. They are intelligent and can be reasoned with, though they mostly care for their own schemes and intrigues among their own kind, for rarely do they live alone in an area. When angered or otherwise in bad moods, Verdant Stalkers enjoy the hunt of dangerous animals and even humans.
                        • Frenzy on Wings of Leaf (E3) / Named aptly, this Elemental is a dangerous thing to summon or command, for it delights in watering it's body - a mass of greenery with wings - with blood and other 'fertilizer'. It's forms are varied and every single Frenzy of Wings of Leaf does look different, depending on what other creatures or plants it absorbed into it's form. The older they are, the larger they grow, with elder Frenzies sometimes resembling small flying hills or trees. When left to their own devices, these creatures simply move around slowly, though they can quickly become aggressive when engaged even slightly.
                        Air Elementals
                        • Wind of Whispers (E1) / A living gust of wind sparkling with the elemental essence from which it is formed. These creatures are ever-active and love to repeat words spoken in confidence. They swing around on the slight breezes they shepherd and listen intently to words spoken nearby, continuing on to repeat them in low whispers barely heard. More devious still, these creatures love to embellish and warp the words they hear, often misrepresenting or stretching the truth. When many a pleasant breeze haunts a summers day, the learned remain aware of these creatures.
                        • Singing Frost (E1) / A small sheet of frost that spreads and moves on surfaces or with the wind when warmer weather comes nearby. They are named as they are because of their tendency to emit a small continuous tone when settled, a high crystalline noise. When several of these elementals gather it can quickly become either a harmonic display of sound or a cacophonous plight to the ears. Which of the two depends on the mood of the elementals.


                        Hello people, i know it has been some months since someone - that would in fact be me - did something with the topic, but i felt like bringing another "mundane to supernatural" QC sheet from the core. As with the previous example, in brackets (and italics) the supernatural beast's particular stats where they deviate from the beast. In red are feline traits the Manticore is not described with.

                        Great Cat [Manticore]
                        Essence: 1; Willpower: 5; Join Battle: 6 dice [10 dice] (see Stalking Cat Advantage)
                        Health Levels: -0 [x2]/-1x4/-2x4/-4 [x2]/Incap. Great cats will typically flee after taking six levels of damage.
                        Actions: [Consumed Knowledge: 5 dice;] Feats of Strength: 7 [10] dice (may attempt Strength 5 feats); Intimidating Growl: 5 dice [Social Influence: 8 dice]; Senses: 6 dice (see Keen Scent and Night Vision); Stealth: 7 dice (see Camouflage); Tracking: 6 dice (see Keen Scent)
                        [Appearance 4 (Hideous)], Resolve 3 [5], Guile 2 [3]
                        Attack (Bite): 9 dice (Damage 16)
                        Attack (Claw): 13 dice (Damage 12)
                        [Attack (Sting): 8 dice (Damage 11 and poison when decisive, damage 3i/round, duration 5 rounds, -2 penalty)]
                        Attack (Grapple): 9 dice (10 dice to control). Great cats cannot throw or slam grappled enemies.
                        Combat Movement: 10 dice [8 dice]
                        Evasion 4 [5], Parry 4
                        Soak/Hardness: 6 [9]/0
                        Special Attacks
                        Leaping Pounce: If a manticore moves into close range with an enemy of the same size or smaller and deals 5+ damage to it with a withering attack on the same turn, it may pay a point of Willpower to reflexively make a clinch attack against its prey.
                        [Scorpion Lash: When the manticore savages a grappled enemy with a decisive sting attack, that character does not receive a roll to resist its poison.]

                        — Sabertooths tigers in the North; Jaguars and panthers that prowl the treetops of dense Eastern forests; Lions and cheetahs roaming the Southern savannas, all these and more make up the great cats of Creation (read, using the same QC for them all, hybrid made up species or variants like ligers, giant lynxes or bobcats & such is completely kosher and ok), deadly ambush predators that generally keep to the wilderness, wandering into human settlements only when forced by hunger or divine curses (straight from the corebook).

                        — The Manticore lacks most of the special attacks & merits of the Great Cat QC. My guess it's for the sake of convenience and because the Wyld does not have a scientific naturalistic mind, replicating only the most basic/iconic traits of beings in its mash-up of them. The clash of human mind with animal instinct might be another convenient excuse. That said i see no problem at all with individual manticores actually "re-learning" some or all of the generic great cat special attacks like Ambush Hunter, Mauling Bite, Pouncing Shadow, or the usual merits (Camouflage, Keen Scent & Stalking Cat).

                        — "Consumed Knowledge" is a convenience pool to represent the human mind the manticore replicates, to be easily replaced by one or more pools if you have a more specific image of what the scorpion-poisoned person previously consumed was like, Assess Wealth: 6 dice & Sailing: 5 dice in the case of Merchant, Grizzled Mercenary or Reaver (sandships exist in Creation, so sand-pirates may too) or Funerary Ceremonies: 7 dice & Knowledge of the Undead: 6 dice from a wandering exorcist for some examples. Who knows, even a mortal sorcerer returned as a manticore - with only the memories/knowledge or if still capable in its past magics, that's ST call, each offering story opportunities - might be possible amidst the vast places of Creation.

                        — The process connected to a manticore's making is an interesting one and i ask myself if the "person/animal stung-bit by poisonous animal then devoured by a predator/scavenger" pattern-narrative might not spawn other fantastic critters in the tainted lands and borders of Creation, in the South or any other of the directions. For an example stolen straight from a citation in the manticore's fluff, if the powers of the Wyld came upon the hero Ghufran's escort while consuming his scorpion-poisoned flesh for their own safety, might it not make scorpion-men out of them instead?

                        Or serpent-tailed harpies spawned from carrion birds consuming the snake-bitten. Damn, that could result in a veritable plague in some places during the Contagion and Fae invasion, specially if some people decided mass suicide was better than suffering through either. Nice extra complication/nemesis to the Sijan-funded exorcists and priests armies in their crusades across Creation to gather and burn the corpses of Contagion dead in centuries past mentioned in 3e... me likey.

                        Bunch of funky thoughts of the moment. Still have to add an actual elemental familiar to the list beside the "chibi-Garda" suggested in the first page...


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                          Villam, the moving glass figurines

                          Sometimes, lightning strikes the desert, its power passing through the dry sands, melting them down, fusing them together. This sometimes produces small little tubes of fused quartz, prized for usage by alchemists and sorcerers for effects that require sharp spikes of power and focus. And sometimes, the disruption cause by the sudden mingling of air and earth and fire essence, gives rise to an elemental. This elemental is called the Villam.

                          Appearing to be composed out of transparent, shimmering, molten glass, the Villam comes in many shapes, often resembling desert creatures like snakes, lizards, or foxes. Their bodies are immensely hot, and a Villam that stands upon grass would lead to the grass being incinerated or at least blackened by the heat Their bodies are ever shifting, allowing them to swiftly recover from wounds, change shape, and burrow. And within their molten bodies, sparks of the lightning, similar to the one that birthed them, can be seen.

                          The Villam's touch is dangerous, not just because of the heat. The lightning bolt that caused their birth is within their bodies, and physical contact can allow it to travel into the body of the unlucky interloper, destroying his organs and sending his muscles into spasms. It is for this reason that the Villam are feared and disliked by desert caravans and nomads. Many times, a camel has walked across a dune, only for it to fall dead as its hoof stepped on a villam sleeping beneath the surface, the electrical power passing through its body into the animal, killing it.

                          When enraged, the Villam call upon the power of their element and their body. They can strike a man, injuring him with an electric shock. Or they can spit out gallons of molten glass, scalding and burning him. More canny sorcerers use Villam as a source of molten glass for sorcerous rituals, creating tools, or making decorations.