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2e Lunar "Eye of the Cat" charm vs Instinctive Perception Unity excellency

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  • 2e Lunar "Eye of the Cat" charm vs Instinctive Perception Unity excellency

    What a wonderful charm Eye of the Cat appears to be. As I understand it, I can automatically notice the invisible and concealed as long as my normal senses have no hope of detecting him.

    How would you compare and contrast these charms in terms of actual effects? I'm at kind of a loss since they seem similar at first glance. Eye of the Cat seems to be more a "spider-man danger sense" except you actually perceive it while the Perception excellency throws more dice toward noticing something and seems more specialized.

    Can anyone break them down?

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    Well, Eye of the Cat as written only works on what is impossible to detect through sight, smell, or hearing. So something so well hidden it would require 150 successes to detect it, it still isn't impossible, just unfathomable hard, and thus Eye of the Cat won't work. So, a god in its immaterialized form should be impossible to detect, and thus is detectable.

    Now, as I interpret the charm as written, if that god would had hid itself so good it would had required 150 successes to detect it if it was materialized, it is immediately detected by the Eye of the Cat if it is in its immaterial form.

    As it is a essence 2 scene long charm for 6 motes, I personally say it would make the immaterial and "out of sense" (as infra and ultra light and sounds) being as detectable as what is within the current forms range. So that with that charm, you can hear a dog whistle as a human. If that whistle is very far away, or behind a few doors, you still need to roll for perception.