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    Copying Charms as Evocations could work if you really have trouble with homebrew, although I definitely wouldn't do it if you have someone else actually using the relevant Charms. If someone is already playing a Dragon-Blooded archer, you might want to come up with something else for your powerbow.

    ...I kinda want to see a 3e version of the Deadly Transformation Armor now. There should be a lot of cool Evocations you could develop for a transforming moonsilver armor without actually duplicating DBT. (Well, I assume anyway. I guess we don't know how 3e DBT will work yet.)


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      Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
      However, I do agree with Lioness that it might come from a disingenuous angle and it can cause potential issues with splat diversity, so it is usually better to try to create your own Evocations that match the theme you want, instead of just taking a set of charms wholesale.
      It's not necessarily something they're actively doing to spite you and ruin your game, but someone who wants Dragon-Blooded charms on their Solar probably has an interesting relationship with Dragon-Blooded that you don't want to be blindsided by.

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        The bow has its appeal to the Dragon-Blooded too, since its Evocations would lack the Wood keyword and thus not interfere with Air or Water Auras.

        And of course, knowing the parallel Wood-Elemental Archery Charms could make the woody Evocations more powerful.

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