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Location building - a question of scale.

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  • Location building - a question of scale.

    Good day to you all.

    I have a question - I'm building a location for the next mini-campaig, and I need some advice on:
    1 What the population should be to match the description
    2 What should be the size of the Realm army garnison

    Setting: One of those minor satrapies where adventures usually happen - it is on the edge of the fire mountains, on the shortest path between Lap and Gem.

    Location: the second most important place in the satrapy, because of its strategic importance - a local dead volcano provides one of the most northern locations for mining fire dust, and the whole location sprang around a strip mine in the slope. It is also an important hub for caravans heading from Lap and Paragon south to Gem.

    It's big enough to have proper stone walls, an old aqueduct bringing the water from somewhere in the mountains, a caravan station large enough to handle yddym and a Guild outpost. There is also a miner town outside the walls, with a newly constructed walled garrison. The mine is operated by a mix of local workers and slave labour.

    The military is divided into three parts - the Ralm forces are split between the garrison near the mine, and another inside the city (allowing them to guard the mining operation without the risk of getting locked out of the city walls if something goes wrong) . There is also a local force, made mostly of camel cavalry - these venture along the caravan route looking for brigands.

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    Minor kingdom, not the capital but an important mine... okay.

    I'm going to say a number in the high thousands is most sensible, but it depends. It could be considerably less or more.
    How big is this mine?
    How long has the mine been there?
    Are there other firedust mines in the Satrapy, or is this the only one?

    How big is the Satrapy altogether?

    Is a whole Legion occupying this Satrapy, or just part of one?

    Demographics are very swingy, as there's so many different factors. I like to pick a historical place that seems somewhat similar to me, and then look at the demographics from there. It can be difficult though, because maybe there isn't anywhere obvious.

    (For this, I'd guess you'd want a minor mining city on the Silk Road. Somewhere in Medieval Khwarazm or somewhere like that. It's very difficult though.)

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      How are they feeding themselves?

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        Originally posted by Lioness View Post
        How are they feeding themselves?
        some local farming watered by an aqueduct, and some import from Lap.