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2e Lunar False Forms Shenanigans

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  • 2e Lunar False Forms Shenanigans

    Although I love Deadly Beastman, sometimes you just want to get stuff done without being in your human or DB forms, which are highly recognizable. I have other human false forms, but attributes for normal mortals are 2 or perhaps 3.

    So find some other exalt (hopefully not coterie members) and thump them with Compassionate Mirror Nature. If you can find one with STR and DEX 5, you have a truly useful human form that can rock with the appropriate Instinctive (Attribute) Unity charms. This lets you pop Claws of the Silver Moon if necessary and do solid damage if you have to fight, but otherwise are a respectable DEX monkey. A Lunar should be able to assemble a variety of these "capable human forms" which also keep his involvement anonymous.

    What are some other tactics, practices or other goodies that can enhance the already considerable versatility of false forms? I'd love to see all of your clever tricks.

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    Get the knack where you turn others into one of your forms.
    Use it to swap places with your lover (whose form you copied with Courtesan's Possession).
    Hilarity ensues.

    The Solar-Lunar couple in our game use this occasionally. It gets confusing.

    If you want massive stats, eating an Exalt is okay. But Raksha nobles actually have the best stats.

    My characters:
    Dr Soma Vaidya, viper-totem Lunar and kung-fu doctor
    Brother Alazar, Zenith occultist and last survivor of the Black Monastery of Leng
    Shadow of Kings, Twilight barbarian scholar, master of lost First Age crafting techniques. Has a lot of clones. Picture by Jen.