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Good exalted fiction, actual plays or campaign journals?

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  • Good exalted fiction, actual plays or campaign journals?

    Everyone has that rpg that they love but never get to play. For me that's exalted, so I make do by reading fics and literature and campaign journals. Anyone know of good ones they could reconmend?

    Any edition is fine, Infernals preferred because they are my favorite but i'll read anything good.

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    I'd like to humbly suggest my own work, a buddy-fiction where two Solars take a trip to Malfeas, which would probably most suit your tastes.

    Sand Creek, or The Inspection of Cracks in the Desert Cecelyne

    The Lunar Castebooks fan project - Complete! (Changing, Full, No, and Casteless)


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      If anyone has a link to the exalted Fanthology most of those were pretty good. Also the most recent novella was solid.


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        I can recommend an Exalted story I wrote based in part on a game I ST'd: - sure a few things have been altered, like how its ponies and not humans, but beyond that everything works pretty much the same

        Malfeas F'Tagn - go check out my epic MLP/Exalted crossover "The Scroll of Exalted ponies" @ Fimfiction


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          Please check out the link in my signature to enjoy the amazing adventures of The Sun Forged Oath!

          May you live in interesting times...

          Storyteller of Sun Forged Oath


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            I rather enjoyed "Urchin Quest," and "God-Kicking Boot."
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              It's more a supplement to our new Chronicle than a point-by-point play log, but we're at . I've got several monologues and a couple of short stories posted so far. I reposted a few in a different thread here as well.

              Check out Momentum Exalted!