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Terrestrial Brawl Charms: Elemental Diversity [homebrew]

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  • Terrestrial Brawl Charms: Elemental Diversity [homebrew]

    I’ve been working on trying to introduce some lower tier Elemental diviersity to the Dragon-blooded charmset— while still keeping the proportionate represetation of each element roughly the same. Im considering running DB game and feel like the current layout’s lack of breadth in terms of elemental representation (how easy it is to get into Aura, how many charms each element has) makes it a bit less fun to play and sort of restricts certain signature charms from being as appealing. Anyway, I realize that to a degree this is by design but certainly some of it must be related to spatial constraints and attempting to maintain a ratio.

    Would love some input on the below:

    Winding Vine Insinuation or Creeping Tide Insinuation
    Cost: 4m, 1i; Mins: Brawl 4, Essence 1; Type: Simple
    Keywords: Wood/Water, Decisive-Only
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Oaken Thew Exertion
    The Exalt May use the higher of his Dexterity or Strength on the control roll of a grapple. This does not count as a bonus dice from charms. Should she win control of the grapple by a threshold of 2+ and take a restrain/drag action to ascend or descend a range band immediately upon doing so, she loses only one round of control rather than the normal two. This does not improve her mobility in any way, and she may only perform this fear if she could normally perform the motion with a single movement action and if she has not already expended her movement action for the round. This charm does not allow her to move away from enemies with whom she is embattled without a disengage action.

    At Brawl 5, Essence 2 this charm may be repurchased. This provides three benefits:

    • In the Appropriate Aura Each 10 on her control roll forces an enemy who is Crashed or who has already lost the control roll to re-roll one success, to a maximum of (Essence or half Dexterity, whichever is lower), beginning with 7s and moving up. This effect potentially worsens the predicament of a character who has lost the control roll but cannot change the victor unless the enemy is crashed.

    • winning the control roll by 2+ Successes to move in any direction (not just up or down) or allows her to lose no rounds of control when she ascends or descends immediately upon winning control of a grapple. All these benefits apply only if she wins control of the grapple by 2+ successes and only on her first round of control.

    • The Terrestial May spend spend 1wp in addition to the normal cost of this charm, when she is hit by a grapple attack made by a hostile opponent to enjoy the benefits of this charm on the control roll. The defensive use of this charm also enables her to move up or down a range band, escaping the grapple, if she wins the control roll by 2+ successes. This movement is restricted in the same way as it is for the simple use of this charm, although she does not need to disengage from the character whose control roll she beat. This charm may be used Reflexively once per scene unless reset by incapacitating a non-trivial opponent she holds in a grapple. It may not be used Reflexively while Crashed.

    Battering Storm Onslaught
    Cost: 4m; Mins: Brawl 4, Essence 1; Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Air or Water, Withering-Only, Perilous
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms:
    The force of the Dragon-Blooded’s blows flows past armor, transmuted from kinetic force into electrical energy, or ripples invisibly though the bodies of its target like current through the deep see.
    The Air version reduces soak from metal armor including the magical materials by (3+10s on the attack roll). The Water version reduces Stamina derived soak by (1+10s on the attack roll). In both cases, ip to (2+anima banner level), maximum 5, 10s count towards this maximum.

    When this charm is used to Crash a character with higher Initiative than hers, she gains adds +1 to any Initiative Break bonus she receives.

    With, while in the appropriate Aura, Essence 3+ treat 9s as 10s if she is using this charm to attack a character an ally has held in a grapple or who is prone.

    Crackling Lightning Touch
    Cost: 5m; Mins: Brawl 3, Essence 2
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: Decisive-Only, Air, Aura
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Inescapable Whirlpool Hold, Battering Storm Onslaught
    This charm is a Decisive Attack which sends a paralytic current of Essence through the target. When it deals 3+ levels of damage the target suffers a -2 mobility penalty. This charm also allows the attack to ignore hardness from metal armor equal to the mote discount Battering Storm Onslaught would receive were she to activate it to benefit the current attack. This charm may also be used to grapple a character, in which case the mobility penalty does not expire until the end of the round following the one in which the grapple ends and she may apply the discount enjoyed by Battering Storm Onslaught to Inescapable Whirlpool Hold to enhance this attack. The Hardness negating effect does not apply to grapples and motes are committed for the full duration of the hold.

    Searing Ember Fist
    Cost: 3m; Mins: Brawl 2, Essence 1; Type: Supplemental;
    Keywords: Withering-Only, Fire
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: None
    The Terrestrials fist smolders like hot coal, trailing sparks and contrails of smoke in its wake. The Exalt adds (1+10s on her attack roll) to the raw damage of a Withering Attack, to a maximum of (Brawl) total bonus dice. Whenever this charm adds dice of raw damage in excess of (Half the target’s Stamina, round up) and crashes a character, the searing sparks burn the target’s flesh painfully, imposing a -1 wound penalty until the end of his next turn.

    In Fire Aura if she makes the attack barehanded, she may set her Overwhelming value equal to the bonus dice added to raw damage by this charm if it is lower. This may stack with bonus overwhelming damage from one

    Bonfire Fist Method
    Cost:—(+2m, 1i);
    Mins: Brawl 4, Essence 3;
    Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Withering-Only, Fire
    Duration: Permanent
    Prerequisite Charms: Searing Ember Fist
    At Initiative 12+ this charm may be activated to enhance its prerequisite. By paying the increased cost she may treat 9s on the attack roll as 10s to determine the bonus to raw damage and add one success to a barehanded withering attack.

    In Fire Aura, a character who lands an attack enhanced with Bonfire Fist Method may pay 1wp and expend her Fire Aura when the attack lands to add the raw damage bonus or (Essence), whichever is lower, automatic successes to the attack’s post soak damage as well as to raw damage normal benefits. This effect replaces Searing Ember Fist’s usual Aura effect when it is used and may be leveraged once per scene unless reset by incapacitating a non-trivial opponent with a decisive Brawl attack made at Initiative 12+ and then resetting to base Initiative.

    Spark Shedding Talon
    Cost: 3m, 2i; Mins: Brawl 3, Essence 2; Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Aura, Fire, Decisive-Only
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Searing Ember Fist
    Flames wreath her limb as she strikes, shedding a shower of sparks on impact. A Decisive Attack enhanced by this charm deals lethal damage double’s 10s on the damage roll. Any character whose (Initiative - 10s on the attack roll) is less than the Terrestrial’s Initiative suffers a minimum of one dice of decisive lethal damage, ignoring hardness.

    Characters immune to damage to exposure from heat or flame are immune to this secondary effect. Character’s who have specific hardness against flame based attacks such as that granted by the charm Fire Protection Form are also immune to this damage. He may clear his eyes with a miscellaneous action that cannot be placed in a flurry.

    Dragon’s Claw Eruption
    Cost: 6m, 1a, Expend Fire Aura;
    Mins: Brawl 4, Essence 3;
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: Aura, Fire, Decisive-Only
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Spark Shedding Talon
    The Martial Artist May use this charm while at Initiative 12+ to make a Decisive Attack against a character with an Initiative score at least 3 points lower than hers. At Brawl 5+ she adds her (anima banner level before the cost of this charm is paid, or Essence, whichever is lower) to her Initiative to determine if she may target a prone or grappled enemy with this charm and may use it to perform a decisive slam attack at the cost of halving the damage added by her rounds of control, round down. If her attack lands she causes a powerful explosion that exposes her enemy to a hazard with the a difficulty to resist of ([anima banner after this charm’s cost is paid]+[lower of Essence or Half successes on the damage roll], maximum 6) and damage (Essence+1)L. A character who suffers damage from the initial attack subtracts -1 from her resisted roll per 10 on the damage roll. The Hazard may only resisted by (Stamina+Resistance). At Brawl 5+, Essence 4+ this charm may be repurchased allowing the character to spend 1wp on it. Doing so causes the hazard to Target not just the enemy but all enemies at close range whose Defense is lower than the successes on the initial attack roll. She may do so once per scene unless reset by gaining 15+ Initiative from a single brawl attack while in Fire Aura.

    Stone Splitting Fist
    Cost: 4m; Mins: Brawl 3, Essence 2;
    Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Withering-Only, Earth, Stackable
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Hammering Wave Technique or Searing Ember Fist
    Striking with outstretched knuckles the Exalt’s fists are like chisels, driving into the weak points at the joints of her foe’s armor for maximum effect. This charm grants the piercing tag to a barehanded strike that has not been granted another tag by a different charm or magic. A successful withering attack that deals 3+ points of damage reduces the target’s armored hardness by -1 until the end of the turn after his next. This penalty only applies against hardness granted by armor and is ineffective against hardness that represents natural toughness unless the storyteller deems it appropriate (For example, an automaton covered in plates of orichalcum or a monstrous beast with a chitinous exoskeleton might have openings to allow for joint articulation that can be exploited.)

    If she lands an attack with this charm that deals damage this duration resets, if damage exceeds (3+Current Penalty to Hardness) the penalty increases by -1. This charm may stack up to (Essence or 3, whichever is lower) points of penalties to hardness. A character who suffers penalties may recover from them early by crashing the Terrestrial.

    In Earth Aura the character waives the cost of a Piercing Attack against a character already suffering penalties to hardness or against a prone character. If the attack Crashes the target the Exalt’s Brawl Derived Parry does not suffer the Defense penalty associated with making this attack.

    Steel-Piercing Jade Spike Technique
    Cost: 5m, 2a, 1wp +(Expend Earth Aura);
    Mins: Brawl 5, Essence 3;
    Type: Simple
    Keywords: Decisive-Only, Perilous, Earth, Aura
    Duration: Instant
    Prerequisite Charms: Stone Splitting Fist
    The Martial Artist May shatter steel with her powerful blows. At Initiative 12+ the Exalt May target an opponent who is either restrained in a grapple by an ally, prone, or crashed with this attack. She rolls a Decisive Attack with double 9s to execute a gambit with a difficulty of 2 for light armor, 3 for medium armor and 4 for heavy armor. Success halve’s the armor’s soak value until it is repaired and Increases its mobility penalty by -1.

    This can only target mundane armor normally unless a character meets two of the charm’s activation criteria. Artifact armor is loosened or misaligned by this attack rather than damaged and the gambit’s difficulty is raised by half the armor’s dot rating, round up. The character can regain the benefits of her armor by taking (1+1 for light armor, 2 for medium and 3 for heavy) miscellaneous actions which can’t be flurried. Use of Charms such as Whirlwind Armor Donning Prana reduce the length of time required to fix the armor by half or set them equal to (1+[armor’s mobility penalty]), whichever is lower. Artifact armor created by magic such as Glorious Solar Plate cannot be targeted by this effect. Evocations associated with damaged artifact armor are temporarily rendered inoperative, but the armor remains attuned and continues to provide its normal passive benefits (albeit with reduced soak and hardness). Artifact armor’s Hardness is halved, round up, by this effect. The Aura effect of this charm may be used once per scene unless the character resets it by landing a Decisive Brawl Attack while in Earth Aura that inflicts 3+ levels of damage and then building up to Initiative 15+ without leaving Earth Aura.

    Impenetrable Diamond Defense or Inviolable Depths Defense
    Cost:—(+1wp); Mins: Brawl 5, Essence 3; Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Aura, Dual, Earth or Water
    Duration: Aura
    Prerequisite Charms: Blade-Deflecting Palm
    Calling upon the resolute nature of Earth or the phlegmatic nature of the sea’s silent depths, the Dragonblooded rises above the strikes of her enemies. Essence clothes the Exalt’s fists in a matrix of hardened earth energy that sparkles like diamonds and clangs audibly when she blocks an attack or wreathes them with flowing water Essence which deadens the sound of a weapon’s impact and diffuses the force of the blow.

    This charm may be activated to enhance Blade Deflecting Palm after it causes an attack to miss. The Exalt May commit the motes spent activating it and spend 1wp, forcing subsequent attacks against her to perform the re-roll. The number of dice opponent’s must re-roll is capped by the motes committed. Whenever an attack lands which rolls no 1s or any 10s the maximum number of dice this charm can force to be re-rolled drops by -1. The charm ends if the number drops to 0. This charm ends if the Exalt leaves the appropriate aura, is Crashed or suffers 1+ levels of decisive damage from a successful decisive attack.

    Furthermore, this charm alters its prerequisite, allowing her to treat it as if it had the Earth keyword while she is in Earth Aura, or allowing a character who uses it in Water aura to ignore the onslaught penalty associated with attacks she parries with it. A purchase of this charm grants only one of these elemental effects, with a second expenditure of 3xp being required to learn both.

    Sea and Stone Eternal
    Cost:—; Mins: Brawl 5, Essence 4; Type: Permanent
    Keywords: Aura, Dual, Earth or Water
    Duration: Aura
    Prerequisite Charms: Crater-Making Impact or Embracing the Violent Flow, Impenetrable Diamond Defense/Inviolable Depths Defense

    Sea and Stone Eternal upgrades Impenetrable Diamond Defense/Inviolable Depths Defense and Blade Deflecting Palm. It applies only to the elemental varient that corresponds to the aspect of the Signature charm she knows. A character who knows both signature charms and both elemental variants of this charm gains both benefits for a single purchase (this applies automatically if she learns one of the signature charms later).

    Earth: So long as she is standing on earth she may activate this charm and Blade without being in earth aura as an Earth keyword charm. In Earth Aura, she may treat 2s as 1s for the purposes of this charm’s re-rolling effect. But only against close range attackers with lower Initiative or produce no 10s on their attack roll or attacks from short or medium range that produce no 10s.

    Water: Each failed dice that appears on the re-roll adds +1 to the Exalt’s Parry against that attack. If this bonus offsets penalties it If the attack made by a close range enemy is successfully defended they lose 1i. She may only gain this lost initiative if the successful defense was a result of this re-roll (the attack would have landed otherwise).

    Edit: I’ve fixed some obvious type-o’s and sections where I suffered a mental lapse and forgot to conclude sentences.

    Edit (Once More With Feeling): I simplified and clarified some of the language and broke out certain effects into separate charms for simplicities sake. Also cleaned up formatting and other issues a bit
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    Initially thoughts, the formatting is a bit difficult on the eyes in places but I do like that you've added more essence 1 charms as we've been finding the Hatchings character creation a bit anemic.

    Regarding Stone Splitting Fist, Piercing only costs 1i normally. Is Earth Aura supposed to remove the cost completely?

    More comments as I go.

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      If you have a charm with two elements that you have to pick like in Battering Storm Onslaught you'd write the keyword as "Air or Water" not "Air/Water". "Air/Water means it's both simultaneously.


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        Originally posted by Lioness View Post
        Initially thoughts, the formatting is a bit difficult on the eyes in places but I do like that you've added more essence 1 charms as we've been finding the Hatchings character creation a bit anemic.

        Regarding Stone Splitting Fist, Piercing only costs 1i normally. Is Earth Aura supposed to remove the cost completely?

        More comments as I go.
        Agreed re-Hatchlings, I feel like Essence 1 effects are not sufficiently spectacular to be worth the space in the book but would be really neat for a “elemental super soldier hogwarts”-Type game. I aim to make more of these. Yes it’s supposed to reduce the cost to 0i normally, but I wanted to not tacitly cancel any hypothetical effect which raised the cost to do so. Also reduce the cost by 1i and waive the cost are roughly the same number of characters, give or take. Probably I over think things.

        Elfive: oh yeah, good catch, fixed.


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          I like the idea of having more element variety in Dragon-Blooded Brawl, but most of these charms are waaaaay too complicated and wordy for what they do.

          Are you in the market for some Martial Arts? Perhaps some custom Artifacts for your campaign?


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            Not a bad point, it’s been a while since I wrote any stuff for Exalted and I do like to get caught up in the fiddly bits.


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              Did some cleanup and shortening!