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    With the success of Sunder the Gold 's Into the Spider-Verse thread, I thought I'd present a challenge of a semi-similar nature.

    Namely, I'd like you to type up your take on one of the baddies a caped crusader might find himself tangling with on the mean streets of Nexus. A brief write-up with name, splat, and some details would be preferred, though if you feel up to giving it a full-fledged character sheet, by all means, do so!

    And of course, don't feel constrained by others' posts; if someone presents a raksha Ra'as Al-Ghul, there's nothing stopping you from writing up a blurb for an Abyssal or Liminal leader for the League of Shadows!

    I'll start.

    Shiver, Outcaste Air Aspect

    Banner of Victory was born in Great Forks, and was apprenticed to an apothecary in her early years. She Exalted in her late teens, and soon fell in love with a youth named Norran. Tragedy struck when Norran fell ill with a terminal illness; lacking a means to cure it, Banner of Victory devised a Charm to preserve her husband in ice, and began to seek a cure. The Outcaste found herself face-to-face with one of the Cold Roars, of the Court of Seasons, who dangled the promise of a cure in front of her. But first, she would have to procure a few things for him from Nexus. The god gave her a suit of enchanted ice and blue jade to hide her identity, and so she became Shiver.

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    Island Lily -Outcaste Terrestrial
    Island Lily was born to a wealthy merchant family in the threshold. She grew up in relative luxury but had little company. This suited her as she was happiest wandering the forest around her family’s land or caring for a garden of flowers she herself had planted. When she was 15 she Exalted as a Wood-aspect and her life as an outcaste in the threshold began. Seeking to prevent her from being sent to the distant blessed Isle, Lily’s parents arranged for her to be taken in by Cynis Goran, a sorcerer of some note whose questionable expiraments had lead even his libertine house to distance themselves from him. Goran was both tutor and lover to Lily, refraining from turning her over to the Realm and keeping her as his own apprentice. Lily learned much and reveled in her newfound power, but most adored the time spent tending the variety of rare herbs Goran grew in his garden. Soon her knowledge of botany rivaled even his. In time things took a dark turn and Lily found herself unwittingly subject to a number of terrifying experiment’s which changed her utterly. Her connection to the element of wood was depend beyond that of even her fellow wood aspects, and she gained a increased measure of immunity to poison and illness as well, even as she found she could poison others with a kiss when she wished. The experiments also awakened her to sorcery. Finally imprisoned when she attempted to escape his manse, Lily only found freedom when the dead rose up and claimed Thorns. She managed to flee capture by the armies of the undead and found herself in command of her own life once again. Island Lily hates what was done to Thorns, for she prizes life above all things, but she prizes her freedom almost as much and cares little for authority. She hides in the lands just beyond Thorns, having made a hidden sorcerous laboratory from materials she scavenged from her captor’s manse a few days after her escape, and other resources stolen or barterd from savants and merchants in the surrounding area— such as she could find after Thorns’ fall. In her lab she performs all manner of wonders, breeding a race of autonomous sentient plants with the intent to one day reclaim Thorns. She wages a silent war against the dead who occupy Thorns, and against any who would trespass on her domain, taking what she wants from whomever she wants to further her research.


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      Let me tell you about the Jester...

      The Jester is a Raksha lord, a noble who fills the howling void within himself by devouring the sorrow and misery of everyone else. He produces deadly japes and pranks, employing a wyld venom that leaves his dream-eaten victims unable to do anything but grin manicly and laugh themselves to death. He styles himself as auguste blanc, a white clown or sorrow, even as his smile never wavers regardless of the horrors he inflicts.

      Let me tell you about the Jester...

      The Jester was just another run of the mill jerk, selling is life one day at a time in Nighthammer. His wife was pregnant, and he needed rent money very badly- so he turned to The Crimson Hoods, a local gang for a quick loan. But then, when he couldn't repay the loan, they pressed him into service, using him as a distraction while they broke into the factory he worked in. A mishap, steam, and he became disfigured, his skin blanched impossibly white and frozen into a rictus grin. When the sesselja made it's bargain with him, he already felt so low that he could go no lower- and so the Ebon Dragon's newest born Fiend stepped forward, with an Urge to show everyone that they are just one bad day away from joining him.

      Let me tell you about the Jester...

      The Jester (his proper title is The Jest That Is Life Concludes in Silence) was a grifter and con-artist, but one that had family in Thorns. When the Mask came, he went to find them, to save them if he could- but he ran afoul of the ghostly patrols. Lacking both bribes and papers, he gave the one gift he had, and began telling jokes and stories. He knew that, so long as he kept his captors entertained, he might have a chance. For three days, he joked, and spoke, and ran through every bit and lie and eventually even the truth he had, the guards laughing in death as they never had in life. But the guards were not mortal; they did not sleep, and they did not eat. As the sunset on the third day, the man fell forward, exhaustion taking it's deadly grip, but a vision of the Mask of Winters appeared. "You have amused me, little jester, and I give you the chance to continue to do so- until you cannot any longer." The man accepted, forfeiting his past existence and returning to Nexus as Exalted as a Moonshadow to show everyone what a hollow mockery life is.

      Let me tell you about the Jester...

      A tinkering effort at bringing Raksha into Ex3: Fair Folk: The Beautiful Thieves

      A tinkering effort at bringing fate ninjas into Ex3: Sidereals: Where Fate Has Led - Album of the Charm Trees thereof.


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        Aw, I would love to see any version of The Jo- I mean Jester written out as a full write up .


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          Note to self, if I ever have Oliphes Ses (Night Caste serpentfolk mafia don from 1e), make him an expy of The Penguin


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            The land of Amun was a long lasting kingdom in the depths of Malfeas. It's inhabitants the survivors of a sorcerous working in the first age, locked away from creation for unknown reasons, became a scholarly and warlike people. They grew rich and prosperous in the land of demons, under the green sun--but soon, reports came that their layer of malfeas was to be ground against another. Two of the leaders of Amun learned of this: Druze, the grand general, and Mazad, the scholar.
            Mazad, a sorcerer of some skill, sent his son to Creation. The last son of Amun arrived, and learned the nature of the working of the people of Amun--when under the Unconquered Sun's rays, they grew incredibly strong and fast (mechanically: Mighty Thews, Reflexies, etc).
            The general Druze, meanwhile, attmpted to seize control of the Amun government. His mutation differed from the rest--the Green Sun liger awakend his might, and none could compare to his tactical skill. Nonetheless his coup failed, and he was banished with his warriors to a domain of the Ebon Dragon.
            But Amun fell. And shortly after, the seals placed on Druze began to break. His armies came free, and Druze has found his way to creation--armed with artifact armor that converts the Holy light of the Unconquered Sun into Ligers baleful rays. With his people, Druze seeks to find the now-famed son of Mazad--and with the no doubt brilliant scholars aid, refound Amun on Creation. All will kneel before Druze.
            (Yes, I could have given him the armor of the old laws, feel free to change taht and make the light changing effect a hearthstone. Both Druze and the son of Mazad are exalted: the son of Mazad is a Athletics Supernal, Druze is either an Abyssal or an Infernal,depending on what Infernals are like this time).

            I did a lot of homebrew over here. PEACH.


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              Bright-Fame Temple was a meek researcher for the Guild in Chiaroscuro. Merchant Princes and factors brought him crumbling documents pawned by scavengers to keep the loan sharks at bay; these he would transcribe and translate, and the paltry payments he received kept his own sharks content.

              One day, however, a sorcerer brought him a dusty scroll to translate, a scroll that captivated Temple's interests. The scroll detailed the means by which a sorcerer might force a transformation upon others, infusing them with the aspects of beasts for a few hours at a time. Distressingly, the formula was incomplete; possessed of a sudden urgency, Temple plied the sorcerer with drink until he brought him to the place where he recovered the scroll.

              Temple found the remainder of the occult texts, and then murdered the sorcerer to keep his potent new secret hidden. Now Temple takes the form of a terrifying muscled creature each night, and uses his borrowed might to messily dispose of the usurers who know him by day.