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    As an answer to Friendless With Animals Approach, and owing to how Charisma Charms don't divide into Presence and Survival, I'm hoping for a Charisma Charm that convinces everyone around that you mean no harm, even when you're equipped for war and possibly dripping blood from a previous fight.

    Being a Charisma Charm and not a Manipulation Charm, it only works as long as you don't really don't mean to harm anyone, and fails the moment that you do.

    It does not protect you from hungry predators, though it will protect you against merely territorial ones.

    It does not by itself convince devout Immaculates seeing your true nature that you are harmless, as the very meaning of Anathema is one who is intrinsically harmful to the world, even if they don't mean to be in any particular moment.

    Similarly, if animals smell an infectious disease on you or sees that you are currently on fire, they don't that you mean no harm, you're very dangerous and they won't come near you.

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      Originally posted by Sunder the Gold View Post
      Friendless With Animals.
      Friendless, with animals. I wish this was a charm.

      Also that would be a cool lunar charm concept.


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        That reminds me of Wearing Red to a Wedding.


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          That was a cool charm.

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