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Novia Novel - False Images: Discussion thread

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  • Novia Novel - False Images: Discussion thread

    So, I’m part way through chapter 7 and I’m enjoying it so far. As such, I thought a discussion thread was in order. That said, please use spoiler tags if you want to discuss specifics. The novel isn’t out for everyone and I’m sure not everyone has finished it yet.

    That said, I’m going to give a brief synopsis of the first part or so, for anyone who wants some idea of what they’re getting into.

    While on another job, Novia is set upon by a serial killer who has been murdering priests. During the fight, there are some hints that there is more going on than it seems. Novia manages to get away, while pushing off credit for her actions on the river goddess’s champion.

    There’s a lot of fun athletic descriptions, steath feats, and other such things too. And the mystery is shaping up nicely. I also haven’t gotten kicked out of the book by something blatantly out of character for the setting either. Everything looks good so far.


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    Novia, do not get in the habit of blaming all your charitable acts on Superm- Hushanti’s Avatar. This is not going to end well and neither will knifing the Goddess of a Major River. Hopefully Hushanti is pushing this, but unless she actually has an Avatar to send, I really think this is going to backfire in the long run.

    Also, any thoughts on what’s going on with the whole “people briefly think something is wrong and try to talk about it, then they go back to ‘It’s fine. Everything is fine.”

    I could maybe buy the spell that keeps you from talking about stuff, but 1) that spell doesn’t compell action and 2) no-one started vomiting maggots. Most other mind whammy stuff I’m familiar with seems like it tends to just work until it doesn’t, so I don’t THINK we’re dealing with an existing Solar or DB charm, but there’s plenty of other options out there.

    Sidereal shenanigans? Hushanti playing both sides somehow? Another river getting territorial?

    Anyone have any theories?
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      I just, sadly, finished the novel. I absolutely adored it. I was extremely impressed by the portrayal of the Exalted involved. Novia really shows how a shadowy assassin/spy can be a hero. I got attached to many of the characters, even minor ones.

      The major plot twist was amazing. How it was dealt with by Novia was really in depth and made sense, especially once the truth is revealed.

      The book did a great job at making me have theories and suspicions, of many type and sort. And the twist ending wasn't some M Night Shamalan out of nowhere twist. It was one I'd already theorized, even if I never got the details right until just before it was revealed.

      Like the Circle of Protection, this is high quality material. This felt like it takes place in the world of Exalted, and is both a counterpoint and support of Circle of Protection. I genuinely cried a couple of times, oddly within a page or so of each other, once of grief and another of joy.

      This is great writing. I adore it. Like the last novel, I was genuinely sad when I reached the last page. I want more.