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Speculating on God-Blooded Exalts

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    Originally posted by Sith_Happens View Post

    1. Specify explicitly that the merit rating is equivalent to that of an artifact for determining the quantity and power of the Evocations you can derive from your nature.

    2. You're resonant with Evocations from your heritage because duh.

    3. Mortals with the merit can raise their permanent Essence rating, to a maximum of the merit rating, using the XP table for Solars.

    4. Mortal mote pool is 10*Essence.

    For 3--You mean mortals automatically increase their essence like Solars right? Because I don't think you can just buy essence anymore.

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      Definitely agree with all of these, except maybe number 2. Just don't bother with resonance/dissonance.

      (Maybe also mention that inheritance 1 and 2 are, like, a thing, but better represented by individual merits.)


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        Not only is the distinction irrelevant since there are no Artifacts to transfer between different kinds of owner, I would propose that the kinds of bonus that powers can have from Resonance might be a bit too strong.

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          Rarefied Inheritance (••• to •••••) — Innate
          The character descends from a potent supernatural being, and can draw upon that heritage in myriad ways.

          Characters with this Merit may purchase Evocations, representing the influence of their parentage. In general, more potent supernatural lineages and closer relations will allow access to more powerful Evocations, but such things are not certain; most God-Blooded children have nothing more than a wispy trace of the divine made manifest in them, while others may suddenly come into a blood of power they never knew from a long distant ancestor.

          Mortals with this merit should note their Permanent Essence as 1, and gain a personal mote pool of 10 motes per point of Permanent Essence. They increase in Permanent Essence at the same rate as a Solar, to a maximum Permanent Essence of 3. Exalts and other characters who naturally have Essence do not increase their Essence pools.

          When considering the strength of the Evocations granted, Mortals are always resonant with the Evocations granted by this merit. Celestial Exaltation, such as the Solars, Lunars, and Sidereals, tends to overwhelm these lesser gifts- when they manifest, the character is naturally dissonant with them. Terrestrial Exaltation, carried as it is in the blood, is more accommodating and treats the character as neither resonant nor dissonant to these gifts. While the gifts of Rarefied Inheritance cannot be transferred from one bearer to another as Artifacts can, these are useful benchmarks when either adapting existing Evocations or creating new ones.

          Rarefied Inheritance is not the only way that supernatural ancestry manifests; often, it is no more than an unusual feature, such as a peculiar hair or eye color, or is better represented with other Merits that provide innate advantages, such as Boundless Endurance, Danger Sense, Fast Reflexes, Giant; or by supernatural merits such as Enhanced Sense, Exalted Healing, or Wings.

          What about the Golden Children, the Moon-Touched, and the Star-Kissed?

          The power of Celestial Exaltation is generally too potent to be transferred through the blood. Even so, the children of the Solars, Lunars, and Sidereals often bear clear marks of their heritage, and a small number inherit a small measure of their parents power.

          (Which does mean that Ledaal Kebok Coren needs to be adjusted a bit, but only slightly)
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            Originally posted by Elfive View Post
            Definitely agree with all of these, except maybe number 2. Just don't bother with resonance/dissonance.
            Yeah, I didn’t literally mean to include irrelevant keywords, just that the Evocations should be of resonant-equivalent strength.


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              Originally posted by Sith_Happens View Post
              Yeah, I didn’t literally mean to include irrelevant keywords, just that the Evocations should be of resonant-equivalent strength.
              I disagree; Resonant Evocations tend to be pretty damned potent. I'd be cautious giving that power level to God-Blooded.


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                Subject to strength / balance concerns, using resonant as a smoothing property between Celestial->Terrestrial->Mortals with divine blood is quite a nice and elegant design.

                Consonant with the setting information, and should have some interesting, not imbalancing play properties, where edges from Godblood are most significant for mortals, closer to neat but small and not overwhelming edges for Celestials and intermediate for Dragonblooded (and I guess also offset some of the potential for synergies between 'native' edges and divine blood that could end up making Celestial godblooded stronger than they ought to be compared to other Celestials and other kinds of godblooded?).


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                  It's an interesting idea, but personally I still just wouldn't bother with the distinction.