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WIP - exalted combat sheet for group

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  • WIP - exalted combat sheet for group

    Hullo there. I've been working on combat tracker cards for my players to make life easier, but the idea evolved into a shared initiative tracker for combat, so everyone can see where everyone else is. The idea would be players place different coloured tokens around the track, and place a second token into the 'crashed' circles for ease of seeing when they become un-crashed.

    Here is the current draft, it would sit in the middle of the table during combats. I added info on movement, gambits and other actions for ease of reference too. Is it missing anything? Thoughts?

    (The old combat tracker card which is currently linked in my bio will have the initiative track taken out and are being used to track motes and WP now)
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    3e Scavenger Lands map
    3e Combat tracker card
    2e Nexus map

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    Looks good overall. I believe Defend Other only works at close range, though, not short. Additonally, Movement Actions start on page 197. Otherwise, as noted, looks pretty good!


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      I like it. May try it out next session.

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