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Mortal Kombat! (Wombat) Wherein Prototype00 thinks about Lunar Animal Forms.

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  • So pestletails right, they're great, superb tanks. But what if they could be sorcerers and amazing tanks at the same time?

    Enter Extra Limbs mutation, Shadow-Hands Invocation (E2, so need Glory Sphere), and Natural Shield mutation. Combined they let us flurry Shape Sorcery & Full Defense with no penalties. Combine this with pestletails Bony Shell (no initiative lost and +4 soak and hardness on full defense) and Ferocious Guardian Beast Stance (free defend other every turn) we can make ourselves and a buddy extremely hard to damage while casting spells unhindered, at E1, for 2m/round.

    Technically this mutation-charm combination should also work with Crane Style (though obviously you have to drop being a pestletail) even if the natural-shield weapon isn't style compatible, due to how Full Defense is written and that Vance has said:

    "Martial Arts don't care if your full defense benefits from the shield tag, even if they aren't shield-compatible (although note that shields don't let you flurry attacks and full defenses)."

    Which seems like it might be even stronger, though obviously you dont get the insane soak/hardness of an all-out-defending pestletail.
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    • Originally posted by limaxophobiac View Post
      Ok hear me out: Wasps.
      Yes, I think you caught on to something terrifying here, as this is more vicious than Silver Claws although your flat unable to do decisive damage normally.
      Without even using the Mamba and Cobra Mastery, this is terrifying for a hit & run character. Although the low armor can be a problem perhaps using stealth for hit and run Ninja style is the optimal for this one.

      Animal form only stuff...
      Defense Values: 9 evasion (18 dice for a 50% chance to hit or needing 20 if they are poisoned?)
      Soak: 1, 0 hardness (I think Invulnerable Moonsilver Carapace or Invulnerable Skin of Bronze are likely a better purchase than Mamba & Cobra Mastery here. it also lets you take the name Silver Wasp)
      Stealth: -3 successes to see it, so an average of 18 dice would fail to find you after a sting.
      Attack: Sting 13 dice attack
      Poison with damage 1i/round (B in Crash), duration 6 rounds, and a −2 penalty.
      Stamina 5, and +5 points of mutations beyond the venomous mutation: 5 uses, Duration 8 with a minimum of 1 round

      Adder Fang Method:
      If you run out of the poison it costs you 3 motes per poison attempt and extends it to 9 rounds at Essence 1.

      Essence 2: Mamba & Cobra Mastery vs. Invulnerable Moonsilver Carapace
      IMC: Lose 1 evasion defense value to get 11 soak & 10 hardness...
      M&CM: 10 rounds per hit, +10's on attack or damage extend duration, & now does Aggravated Damage...
      -Averages make this 12 poison difficulty with a minimum of 1.


      • I've been looking into Lunar grapplers a bit, and honestly they seem absolutely terrifying once they aquire Jaws of the River Dragon.

        Unless I'm missing something there's nothing stopping you from stacking Finding the Needles Eye + Hunter's Eye Precision + Jaws of the River Dragon on a Grapple attack, which with a one-point stunt, Dex 5, Str 5, Brawl 5 and a speciality would let you roll the attack with 26 dice, reroll 1s and double 9s, for an average 17.16 successes, ignoring 1 point of defense bonus from Medium weapon etc.

        Even a high-essence Dawn melee supernal is going to wish he branched out and got Seven-Shadows Evasion, and you can do it out to medium range with Kraken-Arm Lash.

        So now we just have to find the most OP grappling animal. Legendary Size creatures have the gigantic advantage of making unopposed control rolls against anyone who isn't a serious superpowered grappler themselves, but Mountainous Spirit Expression is a charm and at least two non-legendary size animals have abilities that to me make them quite interesting.

        (Bears, Great Cats, and a few other animals have a cool ability for initiating a grapple from a withering attack, but since Jaws of the River Dragon and Kraken-Arm Lash require you to actually use a grapple attack that isn't very synergistic so I'm not listing them.)

        Death Moa can grapple from short range without a charm which is quite neat.

        Tyrant Lizards have Deadly Trash, letting them savage before throwing without reseting between and then they get bonus initiative after reset for how many turns of control they gave up, don't take defense penalties for grappling non-legendary size enemies, can drag reflexively, and only lose rounds of control when damaged. I don't think I need to tell anyone these things are terrifying. For straight-up brawlers not intersted in doing anything sneaky or fancy that just want to do maximum damage, this seems the way to go.

        River Dragons have Death Roll, which confuses me because what is the point of having double 7s on savaging decisive attacks when those are usually unrolled. If its supposed to mean double 7s on the damage roll then holy crap, that hurts.

        Edit: Vance confirmed the Death Roll is double 7s on damage. Spine-Breaking Technique with Death Roll seems really brutal, rolling a decisive savaging attack with double 7s on damage without resetting. You could even do that, then turn into a Tyrant Lizard and savage + throw, rolling 3 decisive attacks over 3 turns (2 turns with Behemoth-and-Flea Mastery at E5) before resetting, the first one of them with double 7s on damage. And at the end of it when they die tyrant lizard merits give you back 1 WP and initiative equal to the number of rounds of control left.

        Edit 2: So in animal forms with a crippling attack, like River Dragons, inflicting a crippling injury gives you back the WP spend on Limb-Maiming Flourish. But Death Roll always inflicts a crippling injury. So you get to roll all dice that showed successes again for just 3m, at which point you are averaging more successes on the damage roll than the number of dice you are rolling.

        Strix can move normally while grappling as long as they're in flight, which combined with Kraken-Arm Lash to pick people up from two range bands above makes them perfect for hit-and-run tactics. Combined with its Night Vision, Eagle Eye, and the stealth abilities of lunars, an attack from a strix form lunar at night would be fucking terrifying. Talons reach down impossibly from a silent shadow moving swiftly across the night sky, stealing immaculates away into the darkness one by one.
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