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Dragon Marked For Death (being Terrestrial, Lunar, and Infernal at the same time)

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  • Dragon Marked For Death (being Terrestrial, Lunar, and Infernal at the same time)

    I bought myself a Nintendo Switch almost solely to play this game.

    Animated Trailer Ver. A

    Animated Trailer Ver. B

    The longer official trailer, with narrated explanation of the story’s premise and four protagonists.

    The old human world of Remlia found itself caught in a war between gods: The divine forces of the Celestial Primatis clashed against the amorphous and manifold Astral Dragon, Atruum. Desperate mortals flocked to one god or the other, seeking protection from the destruction the two sides wrought in their conflict.

    Ultimately, the Celestials defeated the Astral Dragon, using five divine, gigantic weapons to nail Atruum down and subdue them. An axe in their head, a sword in their heart, a staff in their hips, a bident in their wings, a trident in their tail. From the Astral Dragon's titanic body, the Celestials made new landmasses on which humanity could live. In time, humanity would congregate around these divine weapons for safety, as their purifying effects warded away the monsters that arose from Atruum's flesh. In time, great cities and kingdoms would arise around the divine weapons.

    As for the Celestials themselves, they created the Alabaster Moon and the Blood Moon to watch over the mortal realm of Lemria, and then returned to the heavens to leave mortals to govern themselves. The extent of their interference among humanity seems to be acknowledging the worship of its people. Thus the Celestials grant the Divine Knights of the Kingdom of Medius a mark called "the Stigmata", which blesses them with the power to fight off any monsters that intrude into the zones of purification, or to strike out at the monsters in the wilderness beyond it.

    But there was one human tribe which rejected worship of the Celestials. Their ancestors had been saved from death by Atruum, who shared their blood with the mortals. This blessing empowered and changed them, scarring each of their bodies with a draconic feature: fangs, claws, scales, horns, or tails. This mark became known as the Dragon Scar, and it signified those who had been set apart by the Astral Dragon. Therefore, their descendants became known as the Dragonblood Clan, and they faithfully worshiped Atruum even after the Astral Dragon's defeat. Atruum calls it a "retirement."

    Regarded as monsters and heretics, the Dragonblood Clan were exiled from the rest of humanity, but they proved too strong to destroy, and strong enough to survive the monster-teeming wilderness. Forced to make a home far away from any of the five purification zones, the clan ultimately settled closest to the Central Kingdom of Medius. Presumably, since Medius was always bordered on all sides by rival nations, it could never afford to spare enough manpower to wipe out the Dragonblood Clan without leaving itself vulnerable to the other four countries and the monsters intruding from the wilds.

    Perhaps that changed with the fall of the Magical Kingdom of Litus, on its southern border. Certainly, with the loss of Litus' magicians, the only ones left in the world belonged to the Royal Family of Medius and the Dragonblood Clan.

    Some time after that, a figure rose through the ranks of the Divine Knights like no other, though none had ever seen his face; Vasith, a knight with no elemental aspect and a tremendous amount of power.

    At the command of the King of Medius, Vasith led the Divine Knights to attack and destroy the Dragonblood Village, slaughtering the Dragonblood Clan down to every man, woman, and child. Only the Dragonblood Oracle was sparred, for Amica was the latest in a series of clansmen born every 100 years with a direct connection to Atruum's power, and so King Medius had a use for her.

    The only other clansmen to survive the attack did so by being away from the village on other business. And here is where the story splits, as the protagonist of the story is either one of four, or four together.

    No matter who it is, the protagonist is the Oracle's close friend, whom she loves more than anyone else, and in their grief and rage for their loss and Amica's abduction, they hear Atruum's voice for the first time in their lives, and the Astral Dragon offers them a contract. Through the medium of the protagonist's rage, Atruum channels a greater portion of the Astral Dragon's power into their Dragon Scar, possessing it and twisting it into a living weapon that bears one (or more) of Atruum's many faces.

    The contract is simple: "Rescue my Oracle, kill everything that stands in your path, use Our power to devour their souls, and Our power will make you stronger."

    Further posts will mine this property for Exalted ideas and purposes, but this post is growing really big and I don't have all my resources at hand for that task.
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    Images on my DMFD side-blog.

    The Empress

    Daughter of the clan's chieftain, happily betrothed to a handsome young clansman, trained in swordsmanship, and entrusted to conduct clan business with a nearby village. She returned to find her father, fiance, and clansmen all dead, her home destroyed, her god's idol desecrated, and her childhood friend, Amica the Oracle, missing.

    Setting aside her dress for mourning-black battle armor, she took up her sword and chopped her hair short for grief and war.

    When Atruum made a contract with her, the Astral Dragon invested the power of their Fangs into the Dragon Scar on her arm, transforming the limb into a living weapon of fang and fire. She can shape it into a massive chopping sword, or gaping jaws that spew fireballs. It can even transform enough to mimic Atruum's tail, becoming a whip that allows her to grasp and swing from sturdy objects to cross distances or ascend into the heights. The concept art reveals that she's able to reproduce her last three fingers to form a clumsy hand, but her thumb and forefinger remain the opposing jaws of the Astral Dragon.

    The rough new scar across her face likely comes from battling the Celestial envoy, Equus, who appeared to stamp out the flames of draconic vengeance before they spread out of control.

    Naturally, her inherent element is Fire. Her favorite food is Raspberry Bread, which restores three times as much health for her as the other characters.

    As the chieftain's daughter, she would rank highest in the social hierarchy of the four characters, standing below only the missing Oracle. As such, the other survivors would look to her to assume the leadership position to which she was born and to which she seems groomed and trained.

    Her combat abilities and strengths are well-rounded and reliable, making her the simplest character in the game to play, and the second-easiest to use for someone who wants to solo this co-op game.

    I don't see why she's called an "empress", since the Dragonblood Clan seemed to be just one village living far from other people and at peace with those few nearby. Certainly not an empire. Perhaps it is what the King of Medius begins to call her in public as she makes a terrifying reputation for herself.

    The Dragon Arm is easily an amalgamation of moonsilver and red jade made to contain and harness part of a dismembered dragon behemoth from the Wyld. A sleeve that fits over the hand, acting as a firewand, with one of its first Evocations being the ability to form into an artifact sword-blade. It could also be a prosthetic arm artifact.

    Depending on whether the Empress would be holding a sword in her right hand were it not a dragon head, she might be a practitioner of Steel Devil Style by wielding her sword and Arm together. She might even be able to practice Fire Dragon Style if you want to finagle the exact weight classes of her normal sword and Dragon Blade. But neither Style is necessary to capture her fighting Style; native Exalted attack Charms would more than suffice.

    As a Lunar, the Empress would be a Full Moon with Strength and Dexterity for Caste Attributes. Her favored Attributes would be some combination of Charisma, Appearance, or Perception. Whether or not she favors Appearance depends on how much she feels she needs to conceal her insecurities from the other survivors. Whether she favors Charisma or Perception would seem to depend on whether she thinks it is more important to inspire and lead her clansmen, or find her enemies and kill them herself.

    As a Terrestrial Exalt, she is a natural for the Fire Aspect and all of its Aspect Abilities, ready for battle with Athletics, Dodge, and Melee, and for negotiation with diplomacy with Presence and Socialize. Archery for directing her fireballs most accurately. Integrity strengthens her conviction to seek vengeance and rescue Amica despite all odds. Resistance grants her the second toughest defense of the four characters. Bureaucracy reflects the trust her father showed in her ability to manage the tribe's material needs and conduct business with foreign people. Survival might round out the list, representing her clan's dangerous surroundings and her ability to navigate them safely to reach other villages.

    Notable Signature Charms would be Harnessed Firestorm Assault, Blazing Phoenix Pinion, Terrifying Dragon Roar, Immolating Phoenix-Soul Fury, and possibly Wildfire-Taming Technique.

    As a Solar Exalted, she could be a Dawn Caste. Her Supernal Ability would be either Melee or Archery, with Awareness, Dodge, and Resistance as her remaining Caste Abilities. Favored Abilities would be Athletics, Bureaucracy, Integrity, Presence, Socialize, and Survival.

    Or she could be a Zenith Caste. Her Supernal Ability would be Presence, with Athletics, Integrity, Presence, Resistance, and Survival as her remaining Caste Abilities. Favored Abilities would be Archery, Awareness, Bureaucracy, Melee, and Socialize.
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      Images on my sideblog.

      The Warrior

      Raised by the clan's orphanage, he became a large and strong young man, capable and reliable. The younger orphans looked up to him like an older brother, but the Divine Knights slaughtered them while he was away, fishing in a nearby river.

      With his younger siblings and whole clan dead, he dons a full suit of plate armor, painted black in mourning, and takes up a massive two-handed axe to exact revenge and rescue Amica the Oracle, who might have become a close friend who loves him more than anyone else.

      When Atruum made a contract with him, the Astral Dragon invested the power of their Scales into the Dragon Scar on his chest, encasing his torso in a living cuirass of scale and sinew that wraps right around and over his metal armor. He can spur his Dragon Body to transform into a miniature fortress, rooting him solidly to the ground and rendering him invulnerable to all harm and shielding those behind him, while rejuvenating himself and those near him. Alternatively, he can cast all thoughts of defense aside, tapping into a Berserk rage to strike with force great enough to sunder a mortal fortress or split a giant in twain.

      His inherent element is Water (which means Ice). His favorite food is Monster Steak, which restores three times as much health for him as the other characters.

      As an orphan with no significant parentage, he would be lowest in the social hierarchy of the four characters. As such, the other survivors would look to him to do the lion's share of the manual labor and brute work among their little party; a role with which he is likely comfortable, even comforted by. What is his size and strong for, if not to serve the clan? It might soothe the guilt he feels for "failing" his younger siblings, and help to channel his energies in productive directions rather than let his thoughts wander too far down the berserker's path of black rage.

      The Warrior is the second easiest character to play, and the third hardest to solo the game with. He's tougher than the Empress, second-to-none among the four characters. But his map-traversal abilities are the absolute worst unless it involves smashing down a wall. What's more, he is the most restricted in his offensive options, being the only character with no projectile attack and no ability to combo melee attacks. Rather than attacking safely or rapidly, he is all about slowly building up power for risky close range attacks that hit for frightening amounts of damage.

      Though he's called a warrior, he seems to be the least skilled combatant among the four, relying more on sheer toughness and brute force in battle. Perhaps he has more experience rendering monsters into his beloved steaks than fighting other human beings, because he fights like someone from Monster Hunter, striking with all of his force as if that was necessary to inflict any harm while often acting as if mounting any form of defense would be a waste of time.

      There's also the possibility that Atruum really did provide that suit of plate armor for him, rather than it happening that his clan had such an intricate suit designed just for him when even the chieftain's daughter's only pieces of plated armor are gauntlets and greaves. It is a mystery whether the Dragon Body allows him to remove the armor, though perhaps he wears no metal cuirass under it and can at least divest himself of the sleeves and pants.

      The Dragon Body is easily a cuirass or full-body plate suit of amalgamated moonsilver and jade that houses the dismembered torso of a dragon behemoth from the Wyld.

      A Dragon-Blooded user would find its Evocations synergize with the Resistance Signature Charms of Perfected Scales of the Dragon and Raging Fire-Dragon Spirit, as well as Integrity's Immolating Phoenix-Soul Fury.

      A Lunar user might find it facilitates the use of Changing Phases Transformation to shift to exchange Stamina for Strength, or Strength and Dexterity for Stamina beyond the limits of Stamina.

      As a Lunar, the Warrior would be a Full Moon with Strength and Stamina for Caste Attributes.

      As a Terrestrial Exalt, he is a natural for the Earth Aspect and most of its Aspect Abilities. With Awareness, he is alert to any danger that might befall the last of his people. Resistance and Integrity give him the fortitude to endure any hardship on the path to his goals. With Craft, he is ready to cook meals, mend clothes, and fashion shelter from felled trees and leveraged stones. Melee offers him the power to cleave his prey in half, though he would also find much compatibility with Earth Dragon Style Martial Arts. Athletics is necessary for his feats of strength and insistence on close-range engagement. Survival reflects his level of comfort with fishing in a river infested with monsters in a land infested by monsters.

      Notable Signature Charms would be Unshakable Mountain Spine, Perfected Scales of the Dragon, Raging Fire Dragon Spirit, Roaring River Slash, and Immolating Phoenix-Soul Fury.

      As a Solar Exalted, he could be a Dawn Caste. His Supernal Ability would be Resistance (letting him rush to Bloodthirsty Sword-Dancer Spirit).

      Or he could be a Zenith Caste. His Supernal Ability would still be Resistance, though he would also have the option of Athletics to race towards Nine Aeons Thews.
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        Your images don't seem to be working correctly. Try posting them to imgur or something and linking them, maybe?
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          That game seems fun, what other 2D scrollers have you played? In terms of combat pace would you say this is more like a Vanillaware game like Muramasa Rebirth or something like Megaman/Metroid?

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            Y'know if nothing else I have a new game to look at. That actually looks pretty nifty.

            Disclaimer: I'll huff, grump, and defend my position, but if you're having fun I'll never say you're doing it wrong.


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              Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
              Your images don't seem to be working correctly. Try posting them to imgur or something and linking them, maybe?
              I might need to make a new Imagur account, but sure.

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                Originally posted by Mizu View Post
                That game seems fun, what other 2D scrollers have you played? In terms of combat pace would you say this is more like a Vanillaware game like Muramasa Rebirth or something like Megaman/Metroid?
                I sadly didn't get to play Muramasa, as based Vanillaware jumped platforms on me after Odin Sphere. Neither have I gotten around to playing Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir (sp?) because I’d already beaten all of the original version and was still locked into Overwatch until recently.

                I haven’t played much Megaman, but given that Inti Creates developed a lot of Megaman, there are no stamina bars, and three out of four characters have projectile attacks, I’d guess it feels more like an Inti Creates Mega Man game than a Vanillaware side scroller.

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                  Originally posted by BrilliantRain View Post
                  Your images don't seem to be working correctly. Try posting them to imgur or something and linking them, maybe?
                  It's weird, because the pictures show up fine on a separate computer and my smartphone, not just my home desktop.

                  I'll still look into Imgur. I tried that last night, but it looks as though my account got deleted or something, because my link took me to a Not Found page.

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                    Well, I WAS going to go ahead and write out the Shinobi, since pictures aren't working anyway, but ONE FUCK UP and the entire thing was deleted, so I'm fucking pissed at all the work wasted and lost.

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                      Images on my sideblog.

                      The Shinobi

                      A young man of the Dragonblood Clan, trained from childhood together with his friend to learn the arts of combat, stealth, and speed. One day his friend abandoned the village to flee to the Northeastern Island Kingdom of Marlayus​, and the Shinobi was assigned to hunt him down and bring him back. But when they returned, they found their home and clan destroyed, and his friend lost his life.

                      Now the Shinobi is left without any purpose but revenge, and rescuing Amica the Oracle, who might have become a close friend who loves him more than anyone else.

                      When Atruum made a contract with him, the Astral Dragon invested the power of their Wings into the Dragon Scar on his legs, encasing them knees-to-toes in living greaves of scale and sinew, with Atruum’s face one each knee and foot. These heads can be used as and molded into weapons to augment the lethality of his kicks. The wings at his knees can likewise expand and come to life, allowing him to jump again in mid-air or slow his falls into graceful glides.

                      His inherent element is Darkness (whatever that means in this setting). His favorite food is a Plum Rice Ball, which restores three times as much health for him as the other characters.

                      All four characters can carry two weapons at once, but the other three can only equip one at a time, swapping between weapons to match strengths and weaknesses to their changing situation. Only the Shinobi actually equips two weapons at the same time, but one must be the pair of weapons he uses for his melee attacks, and the other must be the throwing blades he uses for projectiles.

                      The Shinobi is the second-hardest character to master, but afterwards the most effective character for solo-play. He is more fragile than the Empress, but his agility is unrivaled, giving him the easiest time of reaching out-of-the-way places, dodging around minor enemies to more quickly reach a mission’s true objective, and repositioning around the gigantic bosses to evade attacks and avoid getting corned. When playing with a group, his consistently rapid attack style helps his allies recover the Dragon Points that fuel their special abilities, and he has the greatest ability to draw the enemy’s rage unto himself, making a boss turn its back to his allies.

                      As part of the village’s elite warrior class, he would be only the second lowest in the social hierarchy of the four characters, since the Warrior alone represents the common laborers of the clan, while the other characters represent the clan’s leadership or those with more rare qualifications than his own. However, he would be the most skilled combatant of the four, which is reflected in how much of his varied attacking abilities seem to have nothing to do with his Dragon Scar. He likely would sooner die than turn his blades against his clansmen, but I believe none of them would stand a chance against him in a duel. He would, however, be the most useless outside of combat or hunting for food, and spending the rest of his waking hours remaining constantly vigilante for an enemy attack.

                      The Dragon Legs are easily a pair of God-Kicking Boots made with an amalgamation of moonsilver and jade to house the dismembered wings of a dragon behemoth from the Wyld.

                      A Dragon-Blooded user would find its Evocations synergize with the Athletics Signature Charms of Soaring Zephyr Flight and Inescapable Blazing Advance, as well as Brawl’s Razor Whirlwind Technique and Erupting Fury Barrage, and Dodge’s Unassailable Body of Fire and Safety Among Enemies.

                      As any kind of Exalt, his concept has an affinity for Ebon Shadow Style, Air Dragon Style, Fire Dragon Style, Steel Devil Style, Swaying Grass Style, Crystal Chameleon, and perhaps even Falcon Style, potentially among others.

                      As a Lunar, the Shinobi would be a Full Moon with Strength and Dexterity for Caste Attributes. His Favored Attributes would certainly include Perception, and either Appearance or Wits.

                      As a Terrestrial Exalt, no particular Elemental Aspect seems like a perfect fit, but a number can be made to work. Of the Air Aspect Abilities he would only use Stealth and Thrown, though Terrestrial Linguistics Charms would be useful for silent communication. The Water Aspect offers Brawl and Investigation, and in his new role as an avenger, he has cause to resort to Larceny. As a Fire Aspect, he would make good use of Athletics, Dodge, and Melee, but limited use of Presence and Socialize.

                      As a Solar Exalted, he could be a Dawn Caste. His Supernal Ability could be Thrown, but might instead be Martial Arts, to help him master all of those compatible Styles.

                      Or he could be a Night Caste, in which case his Supernal Ability would definitely be Athletics, so he can race to Eagle Wing Style.
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                        If you're fine with a digital copy of the game, there's a special deal where you can pay only $15 for the "Frontline Fighters" or "Advanced Attackers" package. The first gives you the Empress and the Warrior, and the other gives you the Shinobi and the Witch.

                        I'm finding this game very demanding. The mob enemies are worthless for experience and only rarely drop money or restorative/curative/buffing items, so it's better to circumvent them when you can. But kite too many of them and things can get hairy if you get stopped by a mini-boss.

                        I have to be careful to get close enough to hit an enemy but not so close as to make contact with them, and watch out for sudden movements on their part which could bash them into me. Even the ones that stay still shoot projectiles, which will either come at you in two different speeds, cover a wide area, or track your position.

                        I can't play very long because of my full-time job, and so far I haven't played more than three different quests, repeating familiar quests to build up my character level and money to make further challenges a little easier.

                        This means that I haven't really advanced the story at all (haven't even gotten access to the "nice" part of the starting city), which is a bit inconvenient for trying to talk about the Shinobi's mission to the "Japan" country, or the Witch's history with the Magical Kingdom of Litus.

                        According to TV Tropes, Litus fell a long time ago, so if the Witch studied magic there, she's faaaaaar older than she looks.

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                          Images on my sideblog.

                          The Witch

                          An expatriate of the Dragonblood Clan, who lived with her mother (adoptive mother?) in the Magical Kingdom of Litus, to study magic before the kingdom collapsed. After her mother recently died, the Witch decided to return to her roots, only to discover her clan murdered by the Kingdom of Medius.

                          Somewhere in this vague timeline (which might imply the Witch is far older than she appears), the Witch may have visited her clansmen before her mother's death, enough times to get to know Amica the Oracle, who might have become a close friend who loves her more than anyone else. Now the Witch swears to avenge her kind and rescue the Oracle.

                          When Atruum made a contract with her, the Astral Dragon invested the power of their Knowledge into the Dragon Scar on her head, possessing her hair and forming what I call the Dragon Hat. Whether this gave her knowledge of the "ancient Dragon Language" or she already possessed it, the Witch is the one intoning the words of power while the Hat silently mouths along with her (or with words of its own, or acts as a second mouth to let her double her incantations) and her hair-hands wave about to control and hurl the energies she summons.

                          Like the Shinobi, her inherent element is Darkness, though she can conjure any element and begins the game attacking with Wind spells rather than anything poisonous or shadowy. Her favorite food is a Apple Pie, which restores three times as much health for her as the other characters.

                          As the Last Magician in the clan, in a world where the only other magician is the royal family who murdered the kin, the Witch's standing in the social hierarchy should rival that of Amica the Oracle; an Oracle is born every hundred years, but the Witch could very well be the last of her kind, especially now. Still, the Witch probably defers to the Empress as the leader of their surviving people; after all, the Empress actually lived among them, while the Witch lived far away with her mother and her studies rather than investing herself in her clan's day-to-day needs.

                          The Witch is the most difficult character to master and the most difficult character to play solo. But her magical broom grants her the fastest dashing speed of the four characters, she can conjure platforms in mid-air for easier traversal than the Warrior, and she has by far the most varied and powerful ranged attacks.

                          Possibly a slightly more practiced combatant than the Warrior. She trained an owl to attack for her on command, at least. Likely far less practiced with actual combat than the Empress, and far less so than the Shinobi. A wizard who brings a spellbook to a boss battle always seems to me like an academic spellcaster who is so lacking in practical battlefield applications of magic that they need reference material for quickly casting magic that does nothing but cause wide-spread physical destruction.

                          The Dragon Hat is easily a sorcerous phylactery woven of moonsilver and jade threads that houses the disembodied memories of a dragon behemoth from the Wyld, which might have particular faculty with elemental spells.

                          A Dragon-Blooded user would find its Evocations synergize well with Elemental Bolt Technique and all following Charms.

                          Though it doesn't appear in any of her artwork or the trailers, the Witch actually has an owl familiar than she can command to attack for her. And there is, of course, her magical "flying" broom, which is easily a mundane object enchanted by a sorcerous working that used Stormwind Rider as a sorcerous means.

                          She equips different spellbooks and scrolls as weapons, but actually attacks with a magical wand that fires magical bullets. Both of these things can be represented as sorcerous phylacteries, but it might be neater to interpret her wand as a firewand, which the Corebook itself has said is "considered the weapon of sorcerors". It doesn't even need to be an artifact firewand.

                          Alternatively, the wand could be represented as an artifact spear-thrower, though by size it would be more of a slingshot.

                          As a Lunar, the Witch would be a No Moon with Perception and Intelligence for Caste Attributes. Her Favored Attributes would be some combination of Wits, Dexterity, or a social Attribute.

                          As a Terrestrial Exalt, she could be an Air Aspect taking full advantage of Lore and Occult (if only for sorcery), and Thrown (if only for Elemental Bolt Technique), and possibly even Linguistics and Stealth. Her Favored Abilities should include Survival (to make the long, cross-country trips safely on her own, and to train and command her owl), possibly Archery (for a firewand and longer-range attacks with her Elemental Bolt Attack),

                          Or she could be a Wood Aspect taking advantage of Archery (the firewand version of her wand), Medicine (for the healing "spells" that sorcery currently doesn't provide), Performance (if her sorcerous initiation involves singing), Ride (if her broom counts as a mount), and Survival (with her trained owl familiar).

                          As a Solar Exalted, she could only be a Twilight Caste. Her Supernal Ability would be Lore or Medicine.
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                            Apologies, but I can't seem to get this forum's bonkers image-embedding function to work even with Imgur, so I'm going to patch-job this by linking to posts on my Tumblr side-blog for Dragon Marked For Death.

                            Previous posts are now linked. Here's a link to the images for Amica, the Oracle.

                            The Oracle

                            According to Atruum, the power they invested into the Dragonblood Clan has grown more and more powerful with each generation. Within the Dragonblood Clan, every hundred years a child is born bearing a more direct and powerful connection to their god, the Astral Dragon, than anyone else. This child is called the oracle.

                            Amica is therefore the most powerful member of the Dragonblood ever born, without ever entering into a contract with Atruum. If the translation of the game can be trusted, Atruum says that Amica is the only clansman who has ever managed to communicate with the Astral Dragon without a contract. Or perhaps she is the only one who has ever communed with the Astral Dragon without consenting to a contract.

                            Allegedly, the green horns which are her Dragon Scar are not what mark her as the Oracle, as everyone in her clan is supposed to have such draconic features. Nevermind that the Empress and Shinobi have no marks to be seen, the Warrior could have been wearing a blue shirt, and the only visible sign on the Witch is the pink at the ends of her long white hair. Furthermore, no other villager ever seen has any visible Dragon Scar either.

                            Amica is an accomplished singer. Atruum says that her singing disturbed them by inspiring in them an unfamiliar sense of peace and contentment.

                            Further, Amica is known for her pacifism. Atruum says that such an attitude allowed her to be captured so easily.

                            Regarding her behavior in the opening of the game, there are at least a few interpretations. In the face of danger and death, she fled to save her own life. Or perhaps a clansman begged her to flee to save herself, and she merely obeyed. Or perhaps it became clear that she was a specific target, and she fled the village to attempt to draw the greatest enemy, Vasith, away from her people to buy them a chance.

                            Among the survivors of the clan, she should rank highest in the social hierarchy, above even the Empress and the Witch, because she is the intermediary to their clan's only known deity. Practically speaking, she would probably defer to the Empress' leadership in day-to-day matters, but the Empress would be consulting with the Oracle to determine if her plans are pleasing to their patron.

                            Since Amica is not a playable character with a status screen, we can only guess at her inherent element, but so far all of the major Dragonblood characters' eye, Dragon Scar, and primary clothing clothing matches their element. Amica's eyes, horns, and primary clothing color is green, the color of the Wood / Wind / "Nature" element. We don't know her favorite food.

                            Perhaps if she had entered into a contract with Atruum, he might have invested his Voice into her horns, giving her one of his faces upon her head like the Witch. But unlike the Dragon Hat, this face would act like a mask that could lower itself to cover her own, allowing her to speak with Atruum's terrifying authority, insinuate ideas into others with his clever tongue, and shield her true thoughts from discernment by making witnesses see only what she wants them to think.

                            The hypothetical Dragon Mask would be a neat accessory artifact, housing the dragon's face and tongue.

                            Amica's horns could be represented with the Imposing Feature mutation, without the Natural Weapon mutation. If the horns are hollow and connected to her sinuses, they could add to her singing ability with the Musical Voice mutation, as well as improve her sense of smell via Enhanced Sense, possibly even to the level of "Antennae / Snaketongue".

                            As an Exalt, she would be that NPC-only breed of supporting character who invests nothing into combat abilities, and everything into social and homemaking abilities.

                            As a Lunar, the Oracle would be a Changing Moon with Charisma and Manipulation for Caste Attributes. Her Favored choices would be basically any non-Physical Attributes.

                            As a Terrestrial Exalt, she could be a Wood Aspect taking advantage of Medicine and Performance. Her Survival and Ride might be neglected depending on how much the clan distanced her from hardship and labor. She would forsake Archery, especially if she was never allowed to hunt. She would probably Favor Integrity, Presence, Socialize, Occult, and Lore (give or take one of those for Linguistics), reflecting the likely responsibilities expected of an Oracle, or she could defy her role somewhat by having a passion for Bureaucracy or Craft.

                            Or she could be an Air Aspect, taking advantage of Linguistics, Lore, and Occult, while Favoring Performance, Socialize, Presence, Integrity, and some fifth Ability (Medicine, Bureaucracy, or Craft).

                            As a Solar Exalted, she could be a Zenith Caste. Her Supernal Ability would be Performance.

                            Or she could be an Eclipse Caste with Occult as her Supernal Ability.​

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                              Some observations about elements in this game. Most of them have an associated status ailment, and a candy item to temporarily raise a specific attribute.

                              White Candy, for example, increases Piety, which is basically the equivalent of the Faith attribute of a Dark Souls game. The higher this trait, the more power your characters can draw from Atruum through their Dragon Scars. White is possibly the non-elemental condition of Vasith, as it has no associated status ailment.

                              Red / Fire and Blue / Water are obvious. Burns, treating burns, and strength. Frostbite, treating frostbite, and vitality. The Warrior doesn't inflict frostbite at all, but the other associations are solid.

                              Not all "Darkness" enemies inflict poison. Skullbees actually heal themselves and other monsters (which makes me wonder if the Witch's healing spells are Darkness-elemental). I'm not even sure all enemies that poison you are Darkness-elemental. Still, Purple Candy raises Agility, so there's the association with the purple Shinobi.

                              Pink Candy is another one without an associated element, but it is clearly associated with the pink Witch, since it raises Intelligence.

                              Amica is presumably a Wind-elemental character, but you can't play her. The status ailment that most Wind elemental enemies inflict is confusion, which reflects Amica's affinity for exerting social influence. Despite her priestess-like role, Wind / Green isn't associated with Piety, but Luck. Possibly related to how "Lucky" Amica was to be born the Oracle.

                              There is no Yellow Candy, but then, there is no Dragonblood character colored yellow, either. Both the Shinobi and Witch share an enemy, even if she's pink instead of purple. But there definitely is a Lightning Element which tends to inflict paralysis, which is cured with yellow medicine.

                              There's also a rather universal, if underrated, part of a dragon that never got a character.

                              The Hunter

                              A concept for a character that could have been in the game, to fill in a blank and even up the sexes among the surviving main characters.

                              Just as the Warrior was away from the village during the attack to gather fish, a villager could have been away hunting beasts with a spear.

                              His Dragon Scar is a yellow tail, which Atruum invests with the power of the Astral Dragon's tail. The Hunter now bears one of Atruum's faces over his tail bone, with his tail emerging from the dragon's jaws like a tongue.

                              Lashing out with his tail, the Hunter effectively gains a second spear to attack behind him when flanked or surrounded. He can warp his tail's end into a variety of weapon forms, to slash, chop, pierce, or smash. Pushing the dragon head down to the end of his tail, he can use it as a grappling hook, though reeling in enemies requires him to stab his spear into the ground or a wall for an anchor.

                              By coiling his tail underneath and behind him, he can use it as a spring to launch him forward spear-first, or skyward to reach high places or descend upon his prey like a Final Fantasy dragoon. By landing on his tail and coiling again, he can instead spring again to reach even higher. He can also use his tail to reorient himself mid-flight, so that he can land against a ceiling, wall, or enemy with his feet and coiling tail rather than his spear.

                              Drawing the most power possible from his tail, the Hunter can electrify his attacks to inflict more damage and paralysis.

                              In the social hierarchy, even the best professional hunter of the village wouldn't rank higher than the Shinobi, as the village would have more hunters than dedicated, specialized, elite warriors. So the women survivors still hold all of the highest hierarchical positions.

                              In terms of combat ability, the hunter would be more practiced than anyone but the Shinobi. He should be capable of quick melee combos with his spear, with his tail-oriented Dragon Spring attack giving him a way to charge up for burst damage like the Warrior.

                              His traversal agility would be better than the Empress, worse than the Shinobi. His toughness and HP would sit between them as well. He would be a little more difficult to master than the Warrior, but less difficult to master than the Shinobi, and a little less effective in solo-play than the Shinobi.

                              But the cherry on top of everything is that the entire character becomes a way to mock Atruum, the Biblical Satan, and the Milton scholars who debated how the Serpent of Genesis moved around before God took away its arms and legs and made it crawl on its belly. Have you heard the story? "Satan is not a fucking pogo stick!"

                              The Dragon's Tail as an Exalted-type artifact might be an artifact belt that, when worn, behaves like a tail and perhaps even changes into a tail.

                              It seems natural to suppose that one reason this character doesn't canonically exist is that none of the others have an "extra" body part, so Atruum's blessing is in a sense stealing away from them parts that we all have -- an arm, both legs, the torso, the scalp. No one has a tail, so the transformation is less horrific.

                              Also, yellow is normally a bright and happy color. There's a good reason that the character who is colored green (the closest color to yellow) is kidnapped, and there is no orange character. But if wearing all-black in mourning like his surviving clansmen would help mute this, so the yellow-tailed Hunter could have the appearance of an angry thundercloud rather than a bright ray of sunshine.

                              But he may be the clansman who recovers more of his sense of humor than the others as they work to rescue the Oracle, especially since his Dragon Scar ended up just a little bit sillier than the others. After all, what is a tail except the butt of the joke?

                              I like the idea that even before contracting with Atruum, the hunter wore a mask of the Astral Dragon on the back of his head, to ward away ambush hunters as people in our world do with tigers. He would be wont to joke that "Atruum watches my back!" A joke which becomes both more and less funny with one of Atruum's heads literally staring out at the world from above his butt.

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