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Lunar charm directly inspired by existing media

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  • Lunar charm directly inspired by existing media

    I got 'You're Welcome' stuck in my head, and then this just sort of popped in there.

    Festival Induced Forgiveness
    Cost: 6m; Mins: Manipulation 3, Essence 2
    Type: Supplemental
    Keywords: Mute, Totemic
    Pre-requisite Charms: ???

    Engaging in revelry with even their worst enemies, Lunars can secure alliances over drinks and dancing that seem otherwise impossible to consider- so long as the party continues.

    When taking a Persuade action that leverages an Inspiration in that same scene, the target cannot bring any negative intimacies they possess towards the Lunar or the source of the inspiration to bear until the next scene. Depending on the individual and persuasion in question, this may result in them immediately entering a decision point, or they might grit their teeth, swallow their pride, and accept their new circumstances. And sometimes, a Lunar only needs someone to cooperate for a very short time- say, to gain access to a private vault or chamber, or to 'borrow' someone's boat on a deserted island.

    EDIT: Forgot the Totemic - If the Lunar's spirit shape has a cultural association with revelry or loyalty, she may purchase this as a Wits charm.
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    This is a neat mechanic, though I don't think it really fits the actual inspiration all that well, since she didn't get that negative Intimacy until after the song. For that, I'd think maybe something where a performance sustains itself for some amount of time after the Lunar leaves, with the performance itself acting as social influence or a Psyche effect to keep anyone from noticing they're gone? Maybe pair that up with another Charm that turns a single performance into a full musical interlude, with the user's choice of whether it's phantasmagorical illusions or whether it just happens to draw in bystanders with the promise of an automatic Performance dot if they join in. Put that kind of stuff together and you'd get a pretty good way to weaponize sudden musical outbursts.