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    We've got lots of mutations from Lunars and the Core that can be used to build Beastkin templates and Hybrid forms, so why don't we build some templates for general use?

    Here's a list of the names and costs of the merits for reference. And remember that the big Lunar beastkin creation charm can only grant 5 dots and Lunar hybrid forms are 6 dots, so try to stay inside those limits.

    And one to get people started.

    "Generic Furry" Beastkin - for your standard Wolf/Cat/Rabbit/Fox/etc.-Kin. Uses only corebook merits: Enhanced Sense (3), Claws (1), Tail (1). Can swap out Claws for Unnatural Hide (1) if they're of a less aggressive creature type. Alternately a Hybrid form can have both.


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    Tiny Creature and Miniscule Size are also referenced as merits in Appearance Charms, though we don't have any dot values for them.

    Elephant: Boundless Endurance, Unnatural Hide 3. Excellent sentries.
    Hyena: Claws/Fangs, Iron Stomach, Natural Immunity, Unusual Hide 1. This should make for some incredibly hardy and self-sufficient scavengers.
    Trapdoor Spider: Ambidextrous 2, Hideous, Spinnerets. Good craftsmen, once you get past first impressions.

    War forms:
    Froppy: Prehensile Tongue, Wall Walking.
    Octopode: Chameleon, Extra Limbs.
    Ogre: Enhanced Sense (scent), Hideous, Inhuman Visage.
    Wukong: Bounding Legs, Fangs, Tail 2.


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      Beast-Soul Awakening Crucible grants 6 dots the same as Hybrid Form. Sharing Luna's Gifts is much more accessible (E1 rather than E3) and only grants 5, but there's nothing besides experience debt and the once-per-story restriction for NPCs stopping you from using it more than once on the same person. So beastfolk with 6 dots of mutations should be fine.

      Nightingale: Musical Voice 1, Wings 5
      Pangolin: Carapace/Shell 2, Claws 1, Unusual Hide 2 or 3
      Fish: Gills 3, Hideous 0, Fins 2 or 3. Bio-luminescence 0 optional
      Bat Man: Echolocation 3, Enhanced Sense 3, Hideous 0
      Batman: Frightening Voice 2, Wings 3, Hideous 0 optional
      Gecko: Tail 1, Wall-Walking 4
      Frog: Bounding Legs 3, Natural Missile 2
      Minotaur: Hooves/Horns 4, Mighty Thew 1 or 2
      Kangaroo: Bounding Legs 3, Tail 1, Unusual Hide 1 or 2

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        Tiny Creature, Minuscule Size, and Legendary Size are all animal merits and not available as mutations. That said we do have Giant as a Mutation