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What makes a good prophetic-poem [Mishiko]

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  • What makes a good prophetic-poem [Mishiko]

    So, I'm keen to involve Mishiko in one of my games at some point, because it seems like another avenue to give PCs hints and guidance which isn't going to get them suspicious it's a Sidereal trying to do them harm...

    Having said that, I don't consider writing vaguely helpfuly poetry my strongest skill. So what of hints would you give your players, how cryptic would you make it?

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    To an extent, it depends on the players and their characters, as well as what kind of game you're running. Some folks are going to buck against predestination much harder than others. That said, some generally good whatsits might include:

    * Large scale natural phenomena to act as timing markers - storms, earthquakes, eclipses, etc.
    * The consequences of distant actors - refugees fleeing from a war occurring away from the main source of action, etc
    * Primary NPCs acting in service to a Defining Tie or Principal (especially when the action described sounds either insane or suicidal divorced from greater context)
    * Primary Antagonists weaknesses (especially when the weakness sounds insane or impossible)
    * Assigned imagery - this animal/color/phenomena stands in for this character/city/whatever, and then describe the actions the phenomena is capable of taking as metaphors for the character.
    * Outcomes either unspecified or multiple choice.

    EDIT: I'd also recommend making the prophecy-poems in haiku form; it's a form that's stylistically appropriate, and short enough that crypticness doesn't feel as forced.
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