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Shaping Rituals and Sorcerous Initiations

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    Has anyone tried comparing the various sorcerous mote rewards from the shaping rituals?



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      Sorcery is one of my favourite things too, especially 3e sorcery. My Twilight made a bet with Sigereth and won Terrestrial initiation.

      I took Infernal Nobility from Mara's initiation and wrote these:

      (Something) – (I didn't actually take this one, it's just an idea) It is forbidden to win by cheating. The sorceror automatically gains 3 successes on contested rolls to perceive mundane cheating, or double 8s on rolls to perceive supernaturally-concealed cheating. (This power enhances other effects that pierce supernatural obfuscation, it grants no special power to contest supernatural powers on its own.) At the Storyteller's discretion, this power can also apply to “cheating” in a more metaphorical sense – perceiving ambushes or other surprise tactics in war, subtle sabotage of occult efforts, etc.
      Gambler's Silver Tongue (3) - Cheating may be forbidden, but cunning is all part of the game. This merit allows a character to substitute their Larceny rating for more relevant social abilities if the roll pertains to games or gambling. The most obvious application is to substitute Larceny for Socialise when trying to bluff, or make/resist a read intentions roll from a character they're trying to convince to make a bet, but the character may find stranger uses, i.e. using Larceny in lieu of Performance when flair shuffling.

      (Then I convinced the other PCs and a demon to bet on a game of Gateway, and the ST used some homebrew system involving 3 rolls for 3 stages of the game, the first of which was Socialise. I forgot to invoke Gambler's Silver Tongue.) Because I didn't take the first one, we didn't seriously examine it. It probably isn't balanced right, it feels off to me.

      My ST came up with these shaping rituals:

      As part of a shape sorcery action, the sorcerer offers up an object as a bet and asks for a number of sorcerous motes (maximum of 5), then rolls (Manipulation + Larceny, difficulty 1+ the number of motes asked for minus the resources of the object). On a success, the requested sorcerous motes are gained. On a failure, the object is immediately sucked into Sigereth's domain. The object has to be something that is considered owned by the sorcerer, but does not have to be present. Intimacies can be bid as well, with their strength substituting for the resources rating. If an Intimacy is lost, all memory of the subject is lost as well, though the subject itself remains. Each wager only be gambled once per scene, except when casting the sorcerer's control spell, when repeated gamblings of the same wager in a scene add 1 to the difficulty each time. The sorcerer cannot draw more than ten sorcerous motes per scene with this ritual.

      While playing a game of chance or skill, the sorcerer can invite another mortal player to stake themselves on the outcome. The mortal can not be compelled to place the bet, nor can they be compelled to lose the game, but other persuasion is acceptable. No stipulations are placed by Sigereth on what the sorcerer must bet in return, however if the mortal loses through knowing cheating on behalf of anyone else (including the sorcerer, other players, or those peripherally involved) those people take the place of the winnings. As a miscellaneous action, the sorcerer can offer up a won person to Sigereth in exchange for power for one scene, rolling (Essence + Willpower) and gaining that many sorcerous motes. He retains these motes until the end of the scene. Addtionally, a bound soul may be reflexively expended in place of a point of Willpower when paying the cost of the sorcerer's control spell. When won people are spent in either of these ways, they are immediately transported to Sigereth's domain in Malfeas, where they are reshaped into baidaks. Baidaks themselves are specifically exempted from the requirement that the wagering player be mortal; however, they will always insist that the sorcerer wage themselves in return. As usual, compulsions to play or gamble negate the ritual when used on baidaks, including the compulsion inherent in a sorcerous summoning. The sorcerer cannot have more than (Essence + Occult) won people at any one time.
      I'm hoping to get Celestial initiation from Orabilis, but I'm a little way off & I only have vague ideas for merits & rituals. If this is still going when I figure out details I'll add them in.
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